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Hashteroidz | Sitka

Hashteroidz by Sitka offer the convenience of flower with the potency of concentrate.

Hashteroidz by Sitka

Product Review

Hashteroidz by Sitka combine premium Sitka hash with bud and CO2 Distillate. Indeed, getting a chance to review anything by Sitka is a treat. I reviewed the Sitkar and the Kief and Leaf and loved both.

So. the chance to review the Hashteroidz presents a welcome pleasure. In this case, I am trying the Lebanese Gold with Dutch Treat and CO2 distillate from Chewillie.

Hashish x 3, That’s A Hashteroidz

First off, good Dutch Treat always has a hash-like quality.

The Hashteroidz burn a bit faster than normal hash due to the flower and the CO2 distillate. In terms of consumption, this is something to watch out for.

Since you don’t want to watch everything go up in smoke, load smaller pieces. While you are still recovering to take another hit, you wont have to watch it all going up in smoke.

For the best way to go, I recommend you treat it more like a dab. Chip off small bits to vape or dab.

It is of course ok to break it up and use it as a booster to any other flower, but for the flavor I recommend doing it by its lonesome.

Worth the Price

The cost might seem high for the grams, but this is a very unique and premium product. The great thing about the hash by Sitka is that it is so high in terps and the distillate provides that extra bit of THC boost. So that little bit goes a long, long way.

I prefer the feeling of the Hashteroidz buzz any day over a super high THC distillate that has sacrificed the high ratio of thc at the expense of the terps.

Notably, the Hashteroidz buzz lasts way longer and doesn’t have the headache inducing crash that those others often do.


Hashteroidz For Hashish Lovers

In terms of the flavor, I admittedly am a huge hash fan, especially from Sitka. They just do it right. Of course I loved the taste. Admittedly, I couldn’t pick up the Chewillie notes, but the great hash flavor of the Lebanese and the Dutch Treat was so smooth to the point of being literally sensual.

Bring me my magic carpet. Time to go for a ride!

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