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Gelato Strain Review | Canna Organix

Gelato strain goes back and today it is a certified classic.

Gelato Strain Review

Canna Organix


Although we don’t carry the Gelato strain from Canna Organix, White Rabbit received a sample. So of course we had to give it a try!

Gelato strain sometimes apparently is known as “larry bird”. Not sure why this is the case, but I gave up trying to comprehend most strain names a while ago. Gelato makes more sense to me. Because, a decidedly sweet and dessert like smell permeates when I open the packaging. There are notes of vanilla and a bit of caramel, common to many “cookie” strains.

canna organix gelato strain

The Smooth Enjoyment Of Gelato Strain

The smoke burns pretty smoothly. However, I do note a bit of burn on the back of the throat. I typically attribute that to the flush being rushed. Overall though, it is pretty good and has some savory notes on the exhale.

The buzz doesn’t necessarily take me to the moon and back, but that is not a bad thing. Going orbital is not always the objective. Sometimes a bit of a lighter high is just right.

Final Word On The Gelato Strain

So, all in all, pretty good. Not necessarily the bud that wins awards, but by no means a fail either. I am unfortunately not able to compare it to other growers version of the strain. However, I would certainly like to try others so I have a better frame of reference.

And  that is not to knock Canna Organix by any stretch either. Indeed, no grower is immune to the fluctuations in potency and flavor between any two plants even of the same seeds or from the same mother plant as cuttings.

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