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Firestorm Strain Review | Rogue Raven Farms

Firestorm strain is a cannabis strain featured by Rogue Raven.

Firestorm Strain by Rogue Raven

Product Review

Firestorm strain from Rogue Raven doesn’t sound like the same Firestorm produced by other seed banks. There may be more ways to skin and orange, but not many. The truth remains. These days looking up a strain might return at least five different descriptions. None of them really come close to what you experience. Indeed, one site describes it as an indica, another calls it sativa. There apparently exists an unlimited number of ways to create it from strains of hybrids of hybrids derived from other hybrids.

So what can discerning bud enthusiasts do? Well short of contacting the farmers that grew it and begging for info, rely on what matters most. How does it look, smell, taste, feel? Naturally, knowing and trusting the source provides more peace of mind as well.

Rogue Raven has earned that trust time and time again.

Firestorm comes from…

The Firestorm strain from Rogue Raven Farms derives fromĀ 9lb hammer x Permafrost x Green Crack. The balance of 9lb hammer, the sledgehammer of indicas, with Green Crack, known for turning people into elves that dance spritely into eternity works. These balance over the hybrid fulcrum that is permafrost. When I open the zip lock resealable package, I experience the seesaw effect of scents going up and down my nostrils.

On that indica side, I enjoy the sweetness of a suggestion of strawberries. But then the sativa savoriness cuts across it with sort of a sandalwood quality. More notes of pine float in and out as well. I am digging it like a dog that just found the perfect spot to bury its bone.

Feels like a storm hit…

The one hit test comes first. Clean the bong, measure the pinch of flower, spark it up, and wait 15 minutes. Passing the time won’t be an issue as I contemplate just how good it tastes. The kind of good where you want to hit it again… and again… right away…

Patience is a virtue

However, only by waiting can the truth be revealed about how it feels. Does it hold its own after just one hit? If I smoke more am I smoking it just because I like how it tastes or I truly want or need or feel like getting more into the weeds so to speak.

In this case, I find the effect to be somewhere in between. It offers neither the dense fog that 9lb hammer earned as a reputation, nor the hippie crack freak out that green crack causes some folks. Pretty chill actually. So I guess it really comes across like a hybrid; so, chill like permafrost.

Fly like a Raven

Rogue Raven never fails to impress. However, I do have two minor points to bitch about. Don’t get me wrong, the Firestorm strain from them is very tasty. First, and I know expectations played a part, but I expected more potency. It was solid but not knock you off your feet and carry you to the top of Mt Olympus on a pair of winged sneakers wow. But that really isn’t a bad thing, just me overly thinking the lineage. At this point, what is the point of doing that anyway?

Does it matter as much as whether it tasted so good I wanted to hit it two times then run and tell your momma to try it? That is what matters most in the end, right?

Actually, tell your momma I probably don’t have any left because I smoked it all myself. Oh wait, Rogue Raven has the generosity and good graces to pack 1.3 grams into a “one gram bag”. That is pretty cool. Let momma know I have some Firestorm to share!

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