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Headcheese | Dynamic Harvest | strain of the week

Headcheese strain sets a standard for sativa dominant hybrids


Strain of the Week

Dynamic Harvest

Headcheese from Dynamic Harvest is a sativa dominant hybrid with an incredible cheesy pungency. It is a cross between the legendary hybrid 707 Headband and UK Cheese. This week it is 15% off

Monthly Special

This is the last week of the month to get Mt Baker Gardens for 20% off all month long! While supplies last so get in while you can to try some Original Glue and 5th Element. Mt Baker Gardens grows top shelf organic cannabis.

Daily Discounts for 4/25 through 5/1 Save 15% on these featured items


Blue Bastard  infused prerolls marked down from their already low price


Fainting Goat large quantities from a 1/4 oz on up get marked down 15%


All Soulshine products save 15% off!


Waterstone Concentrates as Caterpillar’s Choice on sale. Truly, the Caterpillar knows his concentrates and always picks for power and flavor.


Special K bongs marked down 15% so check out these specialty bongs!


Sale on Fairwinds Tinctures. Indeed, that means all of their great tinctures… including the one for your pet.

Blue Bastard Infused Prerolls

Our online budtender Kali Mist loves recommending Blue Bastard Prerolls for their low price and extra kick of hash infused in the preroll. They burn smoothly and evenly.
Getting them for 15% off on Thursday just puts the icing on the cake!

9lb Hammer Ultra Refined


Check out this review of the 9lb hammer ultra refined cartridge from Leafwerx. Boasting 90% cannabinoids while maintaining great flavor!

Fainting Goat

Great flower at an incredible price, Friday the Fainting Goat gets marked down 15% on the large bags (1/4 oz and higher)

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