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Noble Farms Cherry Pie Strain

Noble Farms Cherry Pie strain is a slightly indica dominant hybrid featured currently at White Rabbit, available while supplies last…

But it won’t last long!

Noble Farms

15% off Cherry Pie Noble Farms 

Strain of the week:

The Noble Farms Cherry Pie strain does a great take on a timeless classic! This indica dominant hybrid is made from Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison, with dense buds covered in orange hairs and displaying a slight purple tinge.

Its name was inspired by its strong scent of cherries, one might even say its pie like. Most commonly used for PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, migraines and other stress-oriented syndromes.

Try Noble Farms Cherry Pie

It also helps in elevating the level of euphoria, relaxing the body and mind, uplifting moods and focusing the conscience. Now you have a chance to try this amazing strain all week long as our Strain of the Week Special!

 Sunday 29th 

Howling Dog Concentrates will be 15% off

I’ve noticed in quite a few vendors that don’t make the cut in either taste or effects when they cost roughly under $20 or there about. Trying Howling Dog for the first time I didn’t expect much, buying their Northern Lights I used it to help me relax a little after work or a big gathering, it was surprisingly even in taste and in how it felt to me. It was sociable and light.

Not too gassy or harsh in taste. Also, it was made well enough that it didn’t leave that gross blackness at the bottom of my banger. We still have their Northern Lights, Strawberry Cough, Granddaddy Purple and Alaskan Thunder F*** here for you to try!

Oil Lovers, Sunday is your day at White Rabbit.


Monday 30th  –

Glass discounted 15%

Glass Glass Glass! We still have our ongoing yearly sale, and this year is going to be even better than ever! With big items like Special K Bongs and AntiMatter hand pipes just itching to be in your collection. Bubblers, Beakers, and Bangers all on special for this and next month!

Check out our Archies Glass, special locally made, pieces such as their unique dag rigs. Made light and easy to use these dab rigs look like a fun glass straw with a little disk at the end. Also, it comes with a glass dab stick to use as well.

Super easy to use, no water needed, and very portable. We also have separate glass dab sticks so you can personalize you buy.

White Rabbit will always do our best to have an array of items to offer you!

FairWinds Tinctures discounted 15%

Tuesday 31st 

My Favorite Fairwinds tincture is, oddly enough, their Sriracha sauce. Its familiar spicy flavor is a perfect additive to any meal, drizzle a bit over your eggs for that morning kick to help you get into gear and enjoy the ride.
I put it on my chicken wings for a little something extra for dinner with friends, not only does it compliment the tangy BBQ I use, but it compliments the atmosphere, making what was already a delightful evening, into a night we’ll never forget.
Since this is not a tincture that can be heated, everyone can put the right amount they need on their own dish. So everyone can enjoy themselves at their own speed.
Another Fairwinds tincture I’ve had is their Deep Sleep tincture. As the name suggests, this tincture helps falling asleep and staying asleep longer. Its specific ratio of CBD and THC, along with other essential oils is a perfect combo for people who may not use cannabis regularly. Ideal for those who prefer less possibilities of psychoactive effect, and more body relaxation.
If you suffer from insomnia, go ahead and give this a good try on your next weekend off.
They also have Ratio tinctures, that many people seeking relief for a wide range of needs can use, as they have an equally wide range of ratio’s to offer each individual. If one doesn’t seem strong enough, we have options all the way to a 20:1 CBD ratio. There is also 300 AM and 300 PM relief that offers a unique ratio of THC, CBD, and THCA, and comes terpene and herb fortified.
Many options to try today during our Tea Party Day special this week! Come see what FairWinds has to offer you today at White Rabbit!

Happy New Year! Uncle Roaner’s Taffy discounted 15%

Wednesday 1st  

Happy New Year everyone! We’re so happy to be spending another year with you! Another year of laughing, another year of sending out love and cannabis into the world! Thank you all for making this last year a success! We wouldn’t be here for 2020 without you!  
Uncle Roaner’s Confections – I’ve been so excited about this product. It isn’t often you get to buy something that triggers a memory, and taffy is one of those triggers for me.
Taffy means simpler times with my mother-unit and enjoying the summer! Now I don’t have to wait to have some soft hand made taffy, nor do I have to take a trip to the ocean because Uncle Roaner’s got our backs! These tasty chewy treats will leave you salivating for more!
You can even squish the taffy in the bag, so you know that stuff is soft with the perfect amount of chew.


Legit pre-rolls discounted 15%

2 Legit 2 quit! That’s right ya’ll, Legit’s are our Pre-Roll special this week! And we’ve recently brought something newer from their line; the Legit Mini’s! Their powerful mixture of shatter and bubble hash and a fun splash of flavorful pizzazz.
These joints are a .60g in size but pack the full punch you know and love from Legit, with flavors like Honey Apple, Lemon Lime Slushie, Watermelon, Mango, BananaBerry, and many more!
Don’t worry everyone, we still have some of their .75g’s as well, give a try the Tangie Momma and their Indica Dominate Sour Diesel.


Red Frog is our featured farm today

Saturday 4th  

Red Frogs are normally something to be cautious about, but this particular Red Frog Cannabis is something you want to keep around the house! Its been a minute since I’ve seen a vendor that has consistently happy buds coming in. Fluffy and covered in trichromes and sticky to the touch!
We have their Strawberry Banana in and let me tell you, I swear to the powers that be that their grow of this strain smells straight up like strawberry banana *yogurt* like… for real… I can’t even describe it as anything else.
It’s a little crumbly, but that made it perfect for rolling blunts and joints for the holiday seasons.


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