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Editor’s Note: Sub Ohm concentrates and Sub Ohm vaporizers are not currently available at White Rabbit Cannabis

Sub Ohm concentrates rank as one of the hidden gems at White Rabbit. This product derives from an Alcohol extracted Distillate. The flavored syringes contain  hybrids and the rest fill with strain specific oils. All created using natural terpenes derived from cannabis.

Alcohol Extracted Sub Ohm Concentrates

Conveniently, Sub Ohm concentrates oil comes fully activated, so it works for vaping, edibles or dabbing. This oil is not just all THC-centric. Also nice, the other measurable cannabinoids found in this product include Delta 8 THC, CBD, CBL, THCV, CBN, CBG and CBC.

In fact, the complete cannabinoid profile of this product entails part of what makes it magical.

To Dab or not to Dab Sub Ohm Concentrates

This product is thick enough to use in a dab rig without making a mess, and thin enough to go into a refillable vape cart. Better yet, add it to a Sub Ohm tank or an Aspire Breeze vape system. Many of our customers who purchase Sub Ohm oil put it directly into their variable temperature tobacco Vape.  If you do it this way with a Mod, then make sure to turn the temp to it’s lowest setting.

When using with a Mod Box some consumers keep a separate tank. That way just pop in the Sub Ohm Oil tank and switch it out as desired.

Cause and Effect

The effect of this oil is hard hitting and long lasting. Indeed, a word of caution, it may not be ideal for the inexperienced user.

The flavored version of this oil is natural and non “perfumy”. So, the flavor will linger in a vape rig for a little while, adding a pleasant subtle sweetness for the subsequent dabs.

My personal experience with the Sub Ohm Oil has been with an Aspire Breeze unit that can be used as a simple pull and draw. If you are brave you can use it as a push button, but be prepared for a mega hit…

The one thing I will say is if you hold the button down when you hit it  you may be  doing an impersonation of Puff the Magic Dragon  with copious quantities of smoke being coughed out of your lungs. A better solution is to gently draw and gauge your own personal comfort level. Hacking up a lung is never fun.

Works in edibles too

I have not used this product for edibles, or as an edible, but you can. Since the THC is activated, you can add it directly to food or drink. It does not require heat to activate the psychoactive effect.

Just be mindful of the high THC level which can sometimes reach to the high 80’s – some of our customers told us they experienced nearly psychedelic effects by overdoing the dosage.

The price per gram of this hidden gem is really reasonable considering the quality of the product and I would highly recommend giving it a try.

sub ohm concentrates

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