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Ray’s Lemonades

Ray’s Lemonades come in every flavor you love for lemonade. Plain lemon, huckleberry, mango, dragonfruit, all create perfect marriages of flavor. Check your tolerance, because it is easy to gulp Ray’s Lemonades down!

Quaff A Ray’s Lemonade

The bottles White Rabbit Cannabis carry come in 100mg dosages. That can stop some big boys and girls in their tracks. So, please make sure to use responsibly. Take advantage of the measuring cup lid to control the roll.

Ray’s Lemonades Features

  • From Dogtown Pioneers, the Ray’s Lemonades use cannabis distillate from an alcohol extraction method.
  • All the Ray’s Lemonades are processed in a high quality and high tech onsite kitchen facility.
  • Dogtown Pioneers organically grows all the cannabis used in their premium lemonades.

Ray's Lemonades assortment

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Strain Of The Week Cherry Pie

Pura Vida Cannabis

Feb 2 -8

Stop in for a classic strain done right by Pura Vida. I personally love the cure on Pura Vida flower. They get it right. Always very terpy, and no hints of moldiness or any other unpleasantness. Not too dry, but just right.


Paraphernalia Sale

Feb 3

Today find a manager’s special on any of our unique collections of paraphernalia. Pipes, bongs, dab rigs, and a variety of accessories. Check the site to see what is on special.

Uncle Roaner’s Taffy

Feb 4

You know that crazy uncle your parents warned you about? The probably wouldn’t want you to take candy from him… unless it was Uncle Roaner’s taffy. This infused taffy is classic in taste and texture. Even better? It feels like a trip to the carnival.

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