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Washington’s Most Wanted

Washington’s Most Wanted is a recent addition to White Rabbit.

Washington’s Most Wanted

New Shatter in the shop
Personally, I think shatter is a little finicky to work with because of the consistency being very popcorn like. As in, it pops when you go to take a portion from it. Pinging around everywhere and not getting on my dab stick, so it takes a careful hand to be able to master true shatter.
That’s why I like Washington’s Most Wanted’s Shatter, because unless you store it somewhere cold, it’s far more malleable than what you expect of shatter. More like a snap and pulls even, it makes their strains super easy to work with. Another plus, Washington’s Most Wanted gives you a variety of strains to choose from.

Clearly Carts

Now I know a good handful of my Cartridge Loving Partakers love to buy their Oil on the clear side. If you like clear oil in your carts, check out the Clearly line of concentrate cartridges.
We have Indica’s, we have Sativa’s, we have Hybrids. Bringing in this brand during 420 season and seeing how wonderfully they treated everyone, we kept them in the shop.  Look for classic old school strains like Granddaddy Purple, Grape ape, Lemon cake, Fruity pebbles, and Lemon Drop.

Soulshine Cannabis

Soulshine Cannabis has a wonderful grow. Now, to be a bit blunt,  I wish they didn’t take so much time. But as we all know, good flower takes its time. Try their Dr. Who, made from combining Mad Scientist and Timewreck. For me, the strain feels relaxed and giggly.  Their Klingon is an aggressive relaxation strain, meaning it will grab you by the head and make you want to take nap.

Their Himalayan Blackberry made from Nepalese and North Indian strains feels like a ride on the fabled Orient Express. Great scenery combined with a service of the mental state that feels second to none.

Finally, the Seattle Rainmaker offers a relaxing high for the mind and body. This pungent cross of Mandarin Sunset and Critral Skunk lifts the spirit with citrus terps but with a side of cheese like funk from the citral skunk end of the effects and flavor spectrum.

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