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Chocolate Chunk Review | Spady Bud

Chocolate Chunk grown by Spady Bud set me up with a few expectations, then completely took them on a ride. I arrived on the other side but it was a long strange trip. Why?

Because I had to walk away from what I anticipated but did not get. Then say hello and appreciate the reality of what I did come away with.

Chocolate Chunk Review

Spady Bud’s Chocolate Chunk is an indica dominant hybrid. Admittedly, I expected it to be more chocolaty, similar to chocolate thai for example. However, it didn’t have much chocolate in terms of the terps. Not in the cold inhale sniffing the bud in the bag. Nor in the mouth on the hot exhale from my first hit.

It took me a second to process. After all, with a strain named “chocolate chunk”, you expect chocolate. If you love chocolate in any form, then you know this can be an issue.

The strain derives from landrace Afghani and I did immediately get that hashish like exotic spice blend. Cardamon, clove, and lemon zest on the nose. Like straight up Afghani hashish on the exhale. Now that might not be chocolate, but it is tasty. No denying that.

Feels Like Chocolate

While it might not necessarily taste like chocolate, the chocolate chunk from Spady Bud gives that endorphin style mellow buzz. (The sample tested at 23.18% THC.) Three bongloads in… A warm glow… but in a sleepy sort of way… like napping in a hammock. It might not be ideal for stepping out on the town.

But curling into the couch? That’ll work.

About Spady Bud

Mike Spady has over 25 Years Of Cannabis Experience. He is founding partner, as well as the head grower. Mike studied the plants extensively using a variety of methods so he has vast experience in what works best. . Spady Bud is an organic grow and Mike dedicates himself to research to improve his technique. Committed to quality, potency, and organic methods, he carries a high standard.

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