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Hazy Daze Dabs | Review

Hazy Daze dabs just keep me coming back, again and again. Definitely high on the list for delicious and worthy.

hazy daze dabs

Some thoughts on Hazy Daze dabs

Oh boy, I’ve tried every one of Haze Daze dabs. I had to after getting the Sex Panther in my sample bag. Started out with every intention of saving some for my hubs to try.
Really I did.
But then it was gone and the only way I could console myself was to buy a full gram for the house. And I did exactly that. Then I bought it again because after a few days. Because, poof, it was gone again like magic. It has an amazing headband style stony high that lasted hours on end.

Great tasting, better vibes with Hazy Daze dabs

Very happy and super tasty. Being a live resin expect loads of terps.  Now lets talk about their Galactic Glue. Very stony, as one would expects any Glue strain to be. But because this strain is created through a powerful cross of the potent Gorilla Glue #4 X Gobstopper, it packs more of a punch. Nothing short of very mind numbing. The high starts with a cerebral boost that infuses you with a sense of euphoria as well as a sense of relaxation. As a Gorilla Glue lover, I was very satisfied.
Lastly there is their 720 GooRoo, a lovely Indica strain that is sure to add a little Zen to your life. Known for its calming high and incredibly sugary sweet flavor,  “Guru” is great for any indica lover. Just saying anyone who wants a little help looking back on their day or week with a stress-free perspective, you will like the knowledge Gooroo imparts. You’ll feel lifted and happy, very sociable, perfect for conversations with friends and family alike.

Final word on Hazy Daze dabs solvent free extracts

Hazy Daze dabs get a two thumbs up plus a wiggle of the toes too. Can ya’ll see why I had to try each one of these? It was the perfect trio for my week.

Airpro cartridges

Vivid memories of my first experience with AiroPro. Their battery comes in an original design that fits easily into my hand, and has a magnetic attachment for its cartridges. We now have the adaptor for 710 carts but let’s focus on the magnetic ones. These full gram carts are perfect for people who like convenience.
All you have to do is pop them into the battery and you’re ready to go! Some the strains we have from them currently include Jack Here and Blue Dream. Great sativas. Girl scout cookies and Pineapple Diesel are in our Hybrids. Finally, Bubba Kush and Northern Lights provide our Indica choices.
I’m really excited for the Blue Dream, a classic strain that offers the perfect amount of cerebral high and a boost of creative energy. Bubba Kush is also one of my favorites because its close if not perfectly a 100% Indica. So, expect a really heavy indica a little sedative in nature.  Any strain you pick your going to have a smooth hit that doesn’t tickle the back of your throat. Always a clean and easy taste that when exhaled doesn’t smell too strongly like cannabis. This makes their product great for people who have to be discreet.

Sinners & Saints Shots

I was lucky enough to get a Sinner Saints Shot a while back along with a couple coworkers. Now I’m normally one who would drink the whole thing in one go, but for some reason this time I drank it shot by shot throughout the day. The taste was nice even though it’s a sugar free product.
Easy to enjoy it straight but I believe it would make a lovely addition to any fruit drink too. The doses are rather small so it would act like a small flavor enhancement. It was a very mild high compared to my normal ‘all in one go’ routine with drinkables. It was more manageable and focusable of a high. I think I would have had more fun on my day off if I had more at a time.
However, I think this is a great product for people with low tolerances and diet restrictions.

Canna Burst Edibles

What’s the name of that candy that’s like a Starburst and an Airhead all in one? Oh yeah, its CANNA-BURSTS! These little squares of awesome are full of a juicy sweet flavor and jam packed with cannabis goodness. I honestly wish they sold them without cannabis so I can eat a million in one sitting without getting too high.
With amazing flavors like Pineapple, Watermelon, Grape and more! How can you lose? And did I mention the grape has the perfect sugary sweetness that grape candy should be, not the bland realistic or cough syrup taste that makes your face scrunch up. What’s more, they come in the trio of effect choices, Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. With an added bonus they offer a CBD line that are 10:1 CBD to THC. You can’t go wrong with these little guys.

Juicy Joints

Like anything that progresses, Juicy Joints keeps getting better the longer they keep at their trade. Mastering the rolled joints and flavoring them with a perfect paring of sweetness. With fun flavors like Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, and more traditional fruit flavors like Mango and Strawberry Banana these mini joints are perfect for people looking for a quick, sweet hybrid high.
Inside their traditional roll papers, they have a 90% distillate + Kief mixed with their premium flower. Their Super Joints are even more jam packed with flavor and cannabis. Similar to their mini’s they are rolled in the traditional joint paper, and flavored through its strong distillate, but what makes them even stronger than the mini’s is they add Crumble along with the Kief.
These joints are called Super Joints for a reason. They can carry you higher than Super Man himself and feel just as strong if not stronger.

Ceres Capsules

Smoking isn’t for everyone. And many of us out there have diet restrictions. Most edibles that are pre made aren’t an option, and making your own butter can take more time and energy then one wants to spend. Thankfully there are other options out there for getting a good strong high or relief from pain. Cere’s makes an excellent line of Capsules, and I’ve had the pleasure of trying the Lifted and Chill capsules.
These two offer a 10mg Dose of THC that is uplifting and cerebral for the Lifted Sativa, and relaxing and calming for the Indica Chill line. Both of these make a wonderful choice because they are fast acting capsules and the high from it lasts longer than when smoked. We recently brought in their super-duper strong CBD capsules called Balanced and Relief.
Both of these offer a whopping 100mg single dose of CBD. The Relief is strictly CBD while the Balanced has a small dose of 5mg per dose/capsule. I imagine these capsules will help many people with all day pain management or anxiety needs, without making you fall asleep. I look forward to trying these out some time, in the meantime maybe you can tell me how they helped you!

Red Frog Cannabis

I literally just bought my mom some fluffy Dutch Treat from Reg Frog, she says it was wonderful! Tasty, not harsh, and a lovely high that wasn’t too jittery or busy for her life style. Were contently getting new strains in from this grower so it’s hard to pin point any to describe. They all go so fast, but I can tell you that their flower is consistently fluffy, super coated in kief, and sticky icky. I can tell you that my favorite strain of theirs is the Strawberry Banana.

No joke folks, their rendition of this strain smells like straight strawberry banana yogurt. I have never smelled a strain that smelled so much like food. Maybe the Dj. Short Blueberry, but berry scents are so common with cannabis. Yogurt on the other hand, I’ve never thought a flower could smell like that.

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