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Alien Candy | Green Island Growers | Hybrid

Alien Candy is another great strain from Green Island Growers.

Green Island Growers Alien Candy Strain of the Week

From the Green Island Growers site. “We are a family owned and operated farm, located on beautiful San Juan Island. Our attention to detail, the love we show our plants, and the environment in which they grow, is what has always set us apart. From the first day we started growing, our indoor plants have enjoyed a state-of-the-art sealed indoor facility, and our outdoor plants thrive in the San Juan Island sun, with a cool ocean breeze.”

green island growers

Verdelux 8/22/18 15% OFF

“We have a team that values refined craftsmanship in the art of producing cannabis edibles. Our edibles are lovingly handmade in small batches following the tradition of victorian confectionaries.

Because we care about the well being and experience of our consumers we select farms that avoid pesticides and fungicides. Cannabis extracts must be parallel to the standards we hold to our candy — nothing less will do!”

15% OFF!

Laughing Man Farms

8/23/18 15% OFF!

“Connecting cannabis to its highest potential. Organically Grown with LED Technology.” 15% OFF

Quality Brand Vendor Day 4-7pm Friday 8/24

Quality Cannabis comes from a farming background. The company uses indoor greenhouses for cannabis but also has outdoor grows going too. They cure sufficiently in glass jars so the flavors develop nicely. This is a less well known brand that is worth taking a look at. 15% OFF on all Quality Brand products.

US Cannabis 8/25/18 Featured Farm Saturday 15% OFF!

The simple authenticity and consistency of US Cannabis crops jumps out. The low price makes it highly attractive. 15% OFF

Laughing Man Farms

Premium joints from Laughing Man Farms. They grow organic pot with LED lights, so they care about conservation too.

White Rabbit Cannabis Metal Grinders

Look! There is a White Rabbit on that Grinder… That tool might come in handy when the prerolls run out. Hold on. Does anyone even remember how to actually hand roll a joint? Seems like a lost art but a grinder still comes in handy.

White Rabbit Grinders

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