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Noble Farms Vendor Day

Noble Farms brings a few classic strains to our shelves. Today, they stop by for a Vendor Day event from 4 to 7pm. Currently, we have GGlue #4 and Platinum Cookies available.

sour pineapple by noble farms

Noble Farms Vendor Day

For today’s vendor day, Noble Farms drops by from 4 to 7pm to showcase their wonderful organic cannabis products. The vendor reps will be on hand to answer questions about their strains, growing standards, and curing methods.

Learn more about this great producer and be sure to grab some of their flower for 15% off!

More Upcoming Specials This Weekend

Friday January 24

Vendor Day

4 to 7pm meet the great people from Noble Farms.

Green 420 Large Quantities

Get any Green 420 flower in quantities of 1/4 ounce and higher for 15% off!

Saturday January 25

Mt Baker Gardens

Everything from Mt Baker Gardens gets marked down 15%. This is a great opportunity to check out the company and find out what makes them special.

Sunday January 26

Okanogan Dabs

They are new to White Rabbit Cannabis, but they are certainly not new to making quality dabs! The Caterpillar makes them the Concentrate Choice of the Day, so get all Okanogan Dabs for 15% off.

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