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Sticky Berry | Hazy Daze

Sticky Berry from Hazy Daze is our strain of the week. Hazy Daze does a fine job with this indica dominant hybrid. The flower is indeed sticky and sweet. For once, the name not only makes sense but actually tells it like it is!

Sticky Berry Strain Of The Week 15% Off

All week long, the wonderful sticky berry discounted while supplies last. Just a heads up… Hazy Daze moves fast. No mystery. It is righteous flower at a great price.

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Hazy Daze’s Sticky Berry

The Sticky Berry has a nice berry sweetness, more like strawberries than blueberries. It has a nice dense indica quality that fans of indicas will like. A nice body high with a relaxed mental state.

Lots of berry sweetness. You find yourself packing another just to chase the taste.

Paraphernalia Day


Today, select paraphernalia goes on sale. Find great savings on unique pieces.

All Capsules Sale


Every brand of capsules is on sale today. Get a THC or a CBD or a ratio of the two in capsule form for 15% off. A very convenient way to enjoy edibles!

Canna Burst Chews

cannaburst chews selection


One of the first and still one of the best cannabis infused candies. A soft taffy style candy with a soft candy style buzz in cbd and thc options.

WAPAP Slick Stix


Infused with cannabis distillate and rolled with flower, the Slick Stix are on sale today for 15% off

Aloha Buds


The larger bags of Aloha on sale. Everything 1/4 oz and higher in weight priced lower for the day.

Green Bluff Greenhouse


Green Bluff Greenhouse chosen for farm of the day. So look for all the great Green Bluff cannabis products on sale today 15% off!

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