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Kief and Leaf | Sitka

Kief and Leaf from Sitka are two packs of joints packed with kief and flower, but kief and leaf sounded better.

Sitka Kief And Leaf

Always a pleasure reviewing anything by Sitka. The company consistently raises the bar on so many levels. So, I jumped at the chance came to check out their “Kief and Leaf” preroll two packs. In fact, I pretty much start drooling like a drunk frat boy with my jaw hanging at the end of a raging kegger.

Kief and Leaf With A Twist

I admit Sitka first caught my attention with their hashish; true bliss exists in the hash rolled Sitkar joints. However, the Kief and Leaf two packs don’t feature hash. Therefore, I have to admit that it kind of lowered my expectations. No need. The joints are dusted in Sitka kief – the same kief that gets made into that insanely good hash.

The idea of the Kief and Leaf is straightforward. It appeals to those that like to change things up from time to time. The two pack of joints includes a sativa and an indica preroll. The kief packed in them to my knowledge is a hybrid. I started with the sativa. I have to admit that my one qualm is not knowing specifically what strain it is, but not a big deal. I just like sativas that have a lot of pine and a bit of rose to them.

Sitka Kief Leaf

Sativa and Indica

In this case, the sativa delivered a smooth and even smoke. Obviously, the kief makes them very delicious and adds just the right touch of hashish essence. I ended up putting it out about a third of the way down. I had that moment of perfect clarity, that “I am all set” feeling. If I had smoked it further then I would be questioning the potency. So I added that to the plus side too.

The indica joint sits in the other side of the packaging, which does a good job of making sure that the two don’t collide and collude in terms of flavor. Unfortunately, the benefit ends there. I am not really a fan of the plastic wrapping. Since it is a bag, and not rigid, the chances of bending it in your pocket rides pretty high.

(Sitka typically has very awesome packaging so I am betting this is just a temporary option until they develop something consistent with the rest of their product line.)

The criticism ends there though. What sits inside counts most. In this case, for me, the indica packs more punch. I always make sure that any reviews are done completely free and clear of any residual influence of previous libations. I want to make sure the mind is free and clear of anything that might impair my judgement. The indica joint makes me feel like few feet of perfect powder just covered the mountaintop and I just got off the lift ready to ride the gentle moguls all the way down.

Sitka Forever

Sitka obviously continues on the promise of unique products, quality source material, and welcome potency. If you are a fan of prerolls, and especially like infused ones, then time to grab a pack of Kief and Leaf. Make sure you have a solid container on hand to transfer them to, but I doubt you will be holding on to them too long so don’t worry about it too much…

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