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Rocket Fuel Strain | Lifted Cannabis

Rocket Fuel strain is a strong indica. Great for some R&R!

Rocket Fuel

Lifted Cannabis

Strain of the week

Rocket Fuel from Lifted Cannabis Company creates a seriously booming indica hybrid from the well known Jet Fuel OG and Face Off OG. Lifted Cannabis does an amazing job with it and I recommend checking out their instagram feed to see how epic their grow looks. The buds look so good you almost want to just take them and make them into a sculpture that can capture their timeless beauty. However, the fine flower beckons you to partake. You fill the sacred chalice and give praise to the four winds. You bow to the majesty. Then you kiss it ever so gently with the eternal flame.

The taste is incredible. It comes across as a balance of sweet and savory, with grape and pine notes. Be prepared for the expansion. That is where the name fits perfectly because you feel like the blast is providing lift off. Just don’t explode on the tarmac!


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Rocket Fuel and more from Lifted

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