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I-95 hybrid | Autrees Nursery

I-95 hybrid is a skunky potent hybrid strain. It is rare and worth a try when you can find it.

I-95 Hybrid

Autrees Nursery

On sale until 3/30!

The I-95 hybrid is a hybrid from Triangle Kush which combines a Legend OG x Stardawg x IX2 hybrid by Money Mike of Top Dawg Genetics. The terps lend it a very funky cheese-like smell that some folks absolutely love but others might find too skunky.

I-95 Hybrid Is Super Skunky

Put it this way, big fans of really dank smelling flower dig it. Others wonder why you haven’t washed your socks in a week. However, I-95 hybrid balances the sativa and indica nicely. You get the best of both in terms of heavy terps,  a euphoric and relaxing buzz, and big flavor.

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March Month Long Special

Pura Vida Cannabis Company

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