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Orgrow EHO

Orgrow EHO is ethanol extracted hash oil. The company spent years perfecting their craft and can now say Orgrow EHO products  are perhaps the finest in Washington State. For those who don’t know, EHO stands for Ethanol Hash Oil.

Orgrow  EHO Concentrates, Unique EHO

 These tasty little grams fill you up with joy and a feeling of peace! We have sugar wax’s, Gelato and Afghan Cookies. Both are going to be an Indica hybrid, the Gelato being the more hybrid of the two that’s infamous for its delicious flavor and powerful effects. Perfect for chronic pain and migraines. If you need something heavier, then you can call on Obama Kush, their President OG strain.

The strain might leave a mellow impact, but you will not have to worry about experiencing paranoia. That is sometimes the case with other similar strains. It is safe to say it is transcendental as you will be bursting with new ideas. Orgrow EHO pulls out the best in each of these strains and makes a crumble-ish/ sugar wax-ish consistency. It’s easy to work with and tastes great!

 Try Orgrow EHO Concentrates

If you have never had Orgrow EHO, then now is the time to taste and feel the difference.

Paraphernalia Sale

Monday the 3rd 
This is the longest ongoing sale we’ve had since I’ve been here, for 2 long months we’re selling everything we have as far as paraphernalia goes. Beaker Bongs, Special K, Archies, Reclaim Catchers, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Shell pipes…
So many different styles of artful ways to enjoy this herb we all love. Better hurry though, I’ve never seen our shelves so bare of glass, its kind of heart breaking. But at the same time I’m happy because I know they all went good homes.
However this means we’ve only so much product left for the sale, so hurry on over! Take a quick scan of the glass cases to pick out those odds and ends you’ve been needing since last year, or even a new favorite piece to love for the rest of its days!

Rays Lemonades  will be discounted 15%

Tuesday the 4th –
Lemonade isn’t peoples first choice during the winter season. It’s normally a great summer drink. However I suggest to you, a choice of Strawberry, Mango, Huckleberry, or Original Lemonade flavors, mixed with a warm Brandy or preferred Whiskey…
Add in a little honey, and ‘Voila’! Say hello to a vamped up version of a ‘Hot Toddy’ to warm the cockles of your bones during what is sure to be another hard Winter. Always be careful of mixing drinks my friends.
Consider maybe a smaller ratio than normal, like Ray’s 1:1 10mg. It works for a light pleasant effect that can definitely chase away some of the cold and damp this time of year can bring.

Uncle Roaner’s Taffy discounted 15%

Wednesday the 5th 
Let’s talk Uncle Roaner’s taffy.
Guy’s, I’m a sweets lover. Sweet weed, sweet drinks, sweet eats. One of my all-time favorite candies to get was ocean shores soft saltwater taffy
But as soon as they get hard, they aren’t as much fun to chew anymore . But have no fear, Uncle Roaner’s Taffy is suuuuper soft. I had to squish test a couple of them to be extra sure and they were sooooooooo soft! I can’t wait till I can buy a bag of their Huckleberry Taffy or their Peanut Butter Coffee Taffy!
We also have a Raspberry Cheesecake Taffy that’s selling faster than hot cakes! If your a soft taffy lover like I am, I’d come in today and make use of this wonderful daily special and stock up on your taffy.


Peace and Love pre-rolls discounted 15%

Thursday the 6th  –
White Rabbit is all about Peace, Love, and Cannabis. So of course we had to bring in Peace & Love, a vendor who’s joints we’ve recently brought in. Now I personally haven’t had a chance to try them myself, but we have packs available here for everyone to give a good try.
Let us know if these guy’s bring you peace, or make you feel lovely! If they are, we’ll keep on this Peace & Love train!


Jolly Rogers for large quantities

Friday the 7th

These guys are new to White Rabbit so I am still learning about them, but get in today for a sale on anything over a quarter ounce.

Jolly Roger Cheese Strain

Kouchlock and Spokane Products featured farm today

Saturday the 8th

Now just because their name is KouchLock, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be glued to your seat the whole high. Here’s a little bit about the strains we have from Kouchlock and Spokane Productions!

White Russian; Smoking it will make you feel strongly euphoric. You will also feel energized, uplifted, happy and creative. It does make certain users feel sleepy, but mostly it has an energized effect. White Russian has a pungent odor that also feels very sweet and sour in places with a berry and citrus flavored aroma.

It has a very powerful taste that is packed with earthy and sweet flavors that last for a long time, including nutty and rose flavors. As it relaxes you, this marijuana strain is perfect for curing stress and anxiety. Your stressed nerves become relaxed after using White Russian.

Vortex is a hybrid strain that was first created by TGA Genetics by crossing ‘Apollo 13 Strain’ with ‘Space Queen Strain’. his strain became more popular due to its taste and smell which are similar to fruit mixture. The taste of Vortex will have the traces of mango and lemon in addition to the spices and diesel fuel.

The aroma will be fruity with the tropical punch. Vortex is found to be a good afternoon strain. Some of our customers who are medical patients say it helps their migraines.

Grape Stomper  – Also known as Sour Grapes, created by crossing Purple Elephant x Chemdawg Sour Diesel. With its sour taste and sweet sativa effects, Grape Stomper will have you begging for more after just one toke. Grape Stomper is almost immediately a full body experience, that is uplifting yet relaxing in nature.

The high hits you hard with a tingly sensation to the head, pulling your mind into utter bliss, and infusing it with a slight sense of social energy.
Elephant is a super strong strain that lasts for no less than two hours without breaking a sweat. You will instantly notice the cerebral effects kicking in, which is exactly what most cannabis users are looking for. Additionally, it offers a real good buzz and still allows focus thus making it the perfect strain to for day time activities.
Moreover, the reports from customers using medical marijuana say it works for their medical conditions like anorexia, stress, anxiety and depression.
There are a few more strains to chose from, but I don’t want to overwhelm you! Give a try all of the strains these vendors have to offer today!

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15% off Cherry Pie by Pura Vida 

Strain of the week:  
Cherry pie strain, which some call Cherry Pie Kush, offers an indica dominant hybrid. Originally bred from that granddaddy of indicas Granddaddy Purple and the killer sativa known as Durban Poison, their Cherry Pie strain balances the best of both.
The strain offers plenty of sweet, I smell grapes, cherries, blueberries, and even a hint of peach. Pretty much a fruit salad which comes from the GDP. The Durban Poison adds some savory notes of pine and a bit of earthiness. All in all, the smell wafts deliciously and tastes just as sweet. I completely commend Pura Vida on the cure too. It burns perfectly and is neither to brittle nor too moist.

Bargain Bin reminder

When life has you down, try taking a peek into the Bargain Bin and see what’s in store for you!! You never know when your new favorite product might be in that box, waiting for you to take it home!

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