40:1 avocado oil tincture green revolution

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40:1 Avocado Oil Tincture | Green Revolution | Review

40:1 avocado oil tincture green revolution

The 40:1 Avocado Oil tincture from Green Revolution is a high CBD to low THC ratio edible oil based cannabis tincture. Green Revolution produces a variety of high quality cannabis extracts suspended in solutions, like this, which uses avocado oil as the base.

Using 40:1 Avocado Oil tincture From Green Revolution

Some tinctures are suspended in alcohol, while others are mixed with various types of oils. For anyone trying to avoid using any tincture products not based in alcohol, these offer welcome options. In this case, the 40:1 avocado oil mix means you can easily add it to foods; whereas, the alcohol based tinctures tend to work better mixed into beverages.

Some suggestions for using 40:1 avocado oil based cbd tincture:

  • Mix it into a salad dressing
  • Add to recipes that use a little oil, like cakes, breads, etc. You can use the dropper to maintain measured dosages – and simply add to the oil already prescribed in the recipe
  • You can also add to an oil or butter used in a sauté.

An Advantage Of Oil Based Cannabis Tinctures

One big advantage of using cbd tinctures based in oils is absorption. The fats in the avocado, those healthy omega 3 fatty acids we all are supposed to get more of, help bind the cbd and thc molecules effectively. This helps transport it to the bloodstream and provides access to their benefits. Keep in mind, that CBD and THC work synergistically so having just a tiny bit of THC in the ratio helps the CBD work better, and vice versa.

The Flavor Of 40:1 Avocado Oil From Green Revolution

Ok, let’s be honest, this stuff has a heavily cannabis flavor. Some people will definitely find this strikingly herbal and slightly bitter flavor a bit unpleasant. Others will love it.

In a salad dressing, or mixed in other recipes, then no worries. The other ingredients help balance it out. If you are someone that does not like cilantro for example, you might want to keep this in mind.

40:1 avocado oil tincture green revolution

Great Products From Green Revolution And Other Edibles

Green Revolution has a variety of great products. They do everything, tinctures, cartridges, topicals, and more.


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