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Lemon Sorbet Birthday Cake

Lemon Sorbet Birthday Cake, also known as Citron Givre. A cross of Bubblegum Kush X Vishnu Kush, 60% Sativa 40% Indica lemon but cake-like smell and taste Simulating and can cause hunger with an intense body high.

Lemon Sorbet Birthday Cake 15% OFF

All week long and while supplies last, get lemon sorbet birthday cake on sale. This indica dominant strain delivers a strong indica experience, heady but with a nice body high.

mt baker gardens

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More about Mt Baker Gardens

Mt Baker GardensBaked Cookies” won the People’s Choice Best Flower Award from Dope Magazine in 2014. MBG’s Afghan Kush also received the Runner-Up Judges Choice and Runner-Up for Indica Flower. They strive to create first class top shelf organic cannabis.

They offer both indoor and sun grown cannabis and take special care getting the cure just right. This is why you can taste the difference every time!

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