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Animal Cookies | Heritage Group

Animal Cookies from Heritage Group reviewed.

Animal Cookies From Heritage Group

Heritage Farm grows Animal Cookies., a popular hybrid duly revered by canna enthusiasts the world over. You know it is a great strain when you really can’t find a bad crop of it. However, finding producers like Heritage Group, who do a great job with their strains is always a treat. Getting it at less than $60 for a half ounce? Unbeatable.

Review Of Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies crosses the strains Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG  

That certainly offers a great place to start. Because if you back your way from there you have the Durban Poison genetics from the GSC side and the OG Kush on the Fire OG side. You can pretty much count on those strains to deliver the best qualities of the sativa heritage and the indica lineage. Great hybrids balance the spaciness and brain churn of the sativa qualities with the more cozy and sweet sides of indica. In the Animal Cookies from Heritage group, which is outdoor and sun grown, I sense that Yin and Yang in perfect harmonious balance, like the sun and moon dance through the cosmos.

I personally am a fan of well done outdoor marijuana and enjoy the flavor of Heritage’s take on the strain. Their animal cookies delivers sweet, but has a savory side as well, with notes of pepper and sort of a cinnamon nose which is why I think it conjures the notion of being like a cookie. I also often find good organic outdoor to be less harsh, another plus in this case.

Animal Cookies From Heritage Is Outdoor Grown

We love the great outdoors. So why wouldn’t we love marijuana grown with love and the power of the sun, natural organic soils and fertilizers, harvested and cured perfectly?

Face it… a few years back and you would have been happy paying over $400 an ounce for this quality of outdoor grown bud. Just breaking it out made friends jealous. Now you can get a big sack of it for a great price and share without worry. Spread the peace, love, and great cannabis!

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