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Kouchlock And Spokane Productions Special

Okay everyone, at White Rabbit we have these Spokane Cannabis Co Sativa strains, with three big hitting sativa’s!

Actually it is two growers on special… Kouclock and Spokane Cannabis.

Spokane Cannabis Co Does Sativa

Spokane Cannabis Co, with AK-47 and Dutch Hawaiian and Elephant as their main strains. TheseĀ  are all up beat happy sativa’sĀ that each have their own strengths. This grower is also a good buy for those who use a Dry Vape for their cannabis.

Kouchlock For The Indicas

No worries Indica lovers, our second vendor on special is KouchLock, and they have a lovely Grape Stomper. This strain stomps you down to earth and keeps ya there! They also have White Russian, and Blue Dream! (I know, blue dream is a sativa hybrid but they also do great sativa) With so many choices to chose from you’ll be set all week to try something new!

Kouchlock And More Specials This Week At White Rabbit

Airpro and Harmony Farms

I was excited when I received my first AiroPro pen and Cartridge. The pen vibrates while it was working, very surprising!

It offers a fun way of letting us know the pen is working, and the unique flavor combinations that they have available are mind blowing. Tantalizing flavors like Mystic Melody, a raspberry lime and tangerine mixture, are very refreshing. The perfect mixture of sweet and tart.

Even flavors such as Chocolate Strawberries and Apple Berry, two separate strains put on two different paths… One side makes you smaller, the other side makes you tall.

These full gram carts pack a tasty punch, and no worries guy’s, we also have non-flavored carts from them as well. I personally love their Sour Diesel and their Northern Lights. I would highly recommend if you don’t have a pen, to grab one soon so you can. Time to taste the future of great cartridges.

Ray’s Lemonades

Lemonade isn’t peoples first choice during the winter season, its normally a great summer drink. However I suggest you still try Strawberry, Mango, Huckleberry, or Original Lemonade flavors. Winterize them! Mix with a warm Brandy or preferred Whiskey, add in a little honey, and Voila! Great for a vamped up version of a ‘Hot Toddy’ to warm the cockles during another cold Winter. Always be careful of mixing drinks my friends. Consider maybe a smaller ratio than normal, like Ray’s 1:1 10mg ratio.

Ray's Lemonades assortment

Ceres Edibles

Love, thy name is Ceres Edibles. These delicious little fruit drops melt in my mouth and melt away my troubles in a tasty fruity blend. Not only are there fun flavors you know and love, but Ceres has a mixed flavored pack. Great for when one flavor just isn’t enough.

These Drops of goodness pack more punch than one would imagine, taking your taste buds to a fruity get-away while your mind and body relaxed from a long day. Maybe hard candies aren’t your go-too for candies. They also have a delightful Fruit Chew.

We now have multiple flavors. These little gummies are soft and full of a delicious fruit flavor with a strong happy high. Ceres also offers a chocolate Malt Ball pack or single, a pack of Chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts. Also, check out their Ghost Pepper Caramel – just warm enough to tickle your tongue.

Juicy Joints

I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Juicy Joint recently. Ya’ll, I’m going to give you a little dish… A year ago, this would’t be something I was thrilled about because I didn’t like the flavor or harshness I felt from them in the past.

Thankfully the team at Juicy Joints worked hard on perfecting their joints, and boy have they! I always make a point to purchase their amazingly balanced CBD & THC combo, with near matching percentages of each canabinoid. They include a 90% distillate and kief added to the mix, making for a potent body and head high.

Left me feeling a little tipsy, not going to lie. Maybe CBD isn’t your thing, we have their pure THC infused mini’s, in every flavor you know and love. Also, Juicy Joints ‘Super’ line – Their full gram option that has enhanced flavors as well as a potent Crumble added to the infusion! So, you hear that right… That’s Distillate, Kief, and Crumble, all rolled together with a top shelf flower. Just a SUPER joint just waiting to leave you floating!

Rogue Raven

3/27 Featured Farm

Rogue Raven… Well… There isn’t much that needs to be said about this weeks Featured Farm, as so many of you already know and love their work. That’s correct every-Bunny, this week were soaring to the sky with Rogue Raven as our Featured Farm Special!

These guy’s give us extra love with 4 gram jars and an amazing grow that has yet to displease! We generally try to have at least one Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options so everyone can try their grow!

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