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Kibble Junction Dabs | Review

Kibble Junction Dabs came into our White Rabbit Cannabis store a little ways back. Initially, I wasn’t impressed with how it looked; I think because I’ve spoiled myself with distillates. Didn’t have as much appreciation for more amber oil’s. It wasn’t until I understood that just because its darker it doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means that there is more plant matter in it.

Some refer to it as “impurities”, but there are parts of the plant, terpenes for example, that get removed if those so called impurities are filtered out. And those terpenes add sensations, flavors, etc. So removing them all in the name of “purity” doesn’t always equate with being better.

It just means the THC is higher, but that is only part of the psych in psychoactive right?

Kibble Junction Dabs

The effects of the Kibble Junction dabs are more akin to smoking a fresh bowl of flower than a distillate oil experience. Now I find myself buying almost any shade of oil, giving me a wider range of experiences that I can have.

Good selection of strains for Kibble Junction Dabs

Kibble Junction has a nice range of strains to choose from, including Black cherry, Double OG, Blue Diesel, and the one I’ve tried, Wavy Blue. What I enjoyed about that strain, other than how light and easy the taste was, the high that I felt from it was very controllable as well as effective for a long period of time.

I found the gram lasted me a long time… Didn’t feel the need to keep toking on it over and over. I have definitely bought more from them when given the opportunity! Always good to bring flavor back to the party…

kibble junction concentrates

Canna Whupass Carts

One of my favorite parts of using a CannaWhupass Cart is that rather than using a flavored gel or syrup, they use the natural terpenes from the fruits and flavors. So that Blackberry Kush tastes exactly like the berry itself.

Something I did find out from vaping these oils, was if my pen was set at too hot of a temperature, the flavor would suffer. I imagine that the terpenes are delicate and burn easily. So turning down your pen enhances the flavors that are put into the carts.

Out of all of the flavors I think their Pineapple is my favorite. It has a very sweet taste and the Jack Herer strain is perfect. I also like the Mango for it has a strain that offers a burst of energy that is happy and fun. These carts are all distillates and usually have higher numbers for their THC levels.


Green Revolution Tinctures

Green Revolution is one the couple vendors we have who has helpful THC and CBD ratio tinctures. I use one called ‘Beauty Sleep’, its unique blend of THC, CBD, and CBN. It is the perfect combination that my body needs to get a full night’s sleep. I always recommend to try this product out on a weekend so you can figure out your body’s dose. They also have different ratio’s, such as 1:1, 2:1 5:1, even a 250 tincture, with higher levels of CBD than THC over all.

Maybe all you want is a fun ride, less medical and more recreational? Green Revolution has a Journey Tincture and a Paradise Tincture that can take you on whatever path your heart desires!



CannaBursts are a delicious cross between an Air Head and a Starburst, with a unique twist compared to the classis candies. The secret ingredient isn’t all that secret, time and care accompanied with a top-quality cannabis.

Any adult can have a great night at their own pace. They mouth wateringly juicy and jam-packed with enough flavor to make any sweet tooth cry with joy, and the effects are spot on every time. My favorite flavor is their Grape because it’s not that specific fake grape flavor but the 90’s Kool-Aid Grape with extra sugar.

I can’t buy a whole box because I’ll eat them all in one sitting. Be careful folks these things are super tasty, so remember to take them slowly.

cannaburst infused edibles

Dose Preroll Blunts

Easily one of our more refined Blunts that we have on our shelves, Dose Blunts are made with a beautifully rolled King Palm leaf and super thick crutch, making the experience over all a smooth and free from anything making its way to your mouth.

I know I notice a difference when I smoke a King Palm blunt vs traditional rolling paper. I notice less coughing and larger hits. Now don’t get me wrong, I still buy the traditional paper Dose joints because I love the different strains. Besides, having a combination of traditional joints and blunts is very satisfying. Both sets of infused pre-rolls are rolled together with a strong distillate, making the high even more intense.

We even have their CBD Blueberry Afgoo in either blunt or traditional joint form. Also, check out their wonderful indica combo strain. Peaceful and calming.

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