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Ceres Dragon Balls | Review

Ceres Dragon Balls pack a wallop on multiple levels and various dimensions of time and space. Infused with cannabis and spiced with ghost pepper, Ceres Dragon Balls take you around the sun and then land you on the moon.

ceres dragon balls

The Spicy Sweet Treat

They say the endorphin rush from hot peppers gives you a buzz. Then, I’ve read that chocolate alters the senses as well. Cannabis, well, we all know and love cannabis effects right? We are now talking the triple whammy of pleasure. A perfect trifecta of euphoric, ecstatic, and enjoyable. But be prepared for a bit of bite.

Ghost peppers are no joke. If you don’t like spicy foods then these might not be for you.

On the other hand…

If you like a bit of heat, then you will love Ceres Dragon Balls.

Hot Or Not, Ceres Dragon Balls Bring Warmth And Well Being

Like all Washington edibles, the dosage per candy peaks out at 10mg. People of course have different tolerances so you have to know what works for you. My wife loved the Dragon Ball she ate. For her, 10mg is the perfect dosage. She said the heat was right on the edge of too much, but enjoyed it regardless. I like spice so they were perfect for me.

The chocolate and ghost pepper worked well together for sure.

Body High, Valley Low, The Ceres Dragon Ball Body High

We both experienced a nice body high. I like about 30mg dosage – any more and I want to lick the walls, dance around, and sing Mongolian folk music… and I don’t speak Mongolian.

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