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Banano Buds flower

Banano Buds flower, Rogue Raven Concentrates, Happy Apple beverages and more specials to rejoice in coming up!

Sunday 22nd   – Rogue Raven Concentrates will be 15% off

Our fellow Rabbits here know at least a little bit about Rogue Raven,  amazing flower to their concentrates and cartridges. For Caterpillars concentrates day we have on special Rogue Raven’s Concentrates, dabs, and cartridges!
Get ready for dabs of all feathers with Rogue Raven’s G’s. Check out some Charlie Sheen, a crazy indica dominant hybrid, that will rock your socks off! Ewok and GG#4 are coming in store as well. Its the holiday season, the time to treat others, but this budtender believes in treating one’s self as well!

Choice Rogue Raven Strains

What better way than to pick up a gram of Rogue Raven Reserve Diamonds? Their Lambsbread is a super happy head heavy sativa. Sativa lovers, I highly recommend giving this one a try while we have it in. 100% Sativa ready to get you through the day. We also have their Pineapple Chunk and more!
I haven’t even gotten to the cartridges yet! If you like quality product, hands down give Rogue Raven your attention!
Come in this Sunday to get a great deal on some of our best product.

Monday 23rd  –    Select Paraphernalia will be discounted 15%

Today I’m going talk about something that helps me when I think I’m dankruped, when those sad dabless moments seem near and unavoidable. My fellow dabbers and rig users, today I bring to you the Reclaim Catch!
This nifty little guy sits just between your rig and your banger, nestling it like a hug and holding it over a silicone dab puck! That’s right my green loving friends, no more wasting your reclaim when you bring home this glass accessory! Reclaim is completely safe to use, as long as there is no water mixed in.
This reclaim catch makes a safe space for your reclaim to collect, for any of the many reasons one might need to use their reclaim. The only thing I would like to mention about them, is do *not* clean them by using your torch, the ones we have at White Rabbit will not hold to the heat and crack.
So collect what you can from the inside walls of the catch, then clean it with rubbing alcohol and warm water. Otherwise this has been one of my favorite buy’s while working here hands down.  Not to mention all our paraphernalia is on special all month long!

Tuesday 24th  – Happy Apple will be discounted 15%

I remember in my younger years I was taught how to make apple cider (And Ice cream but that’s another story). Though I never acquired a a taste for cider, the freshness of the apples was a taste I remember to this day. Happy Apple Cider has that same freshly made taste that I remembered from my youth, with all the maturity of an adult beverage that I crave after a nice long day.

We also carry their Sour Apple – The Atomic Apple. Crack open a cold one with White Rabbit and feel the joy that only Happy Apple can supply. Drink down the fresh crisp taste of an apple with these Happy Apple beverages. Super refreshing and light; a wonderful combination with a good hearty meal, or as a treat after a long accomplishing day!

Happy Apple Warmed Over

Also if I may, during these colder seasons enjoy a warm beverage to drink.

I came up with this idea. Take a regular apple cider that you enjoy, warm that one up, and then mix your Happy Apple serving to your cup with it. So not only do you get to enjoy more cider but you  keep the THC in the Happy Apple from changing too much from the heat of a stove top.

Wednesday 25th  – Merry Christmas!

Happy-merry-holly-jolly tidings of good cheer! What are all of you doing during this time of year?! We hope your all safe and warm with loved ones this holiday season. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for another merry year with peace, love, and cannabis! Happy Holidays from White Rabbit!

Thursday 26th  – Sitka Prerolls  pre-rolls will be discounted 15%

Okay to be honest I didn’t think I’d like these joints. They seem small and from the looks of them they don’t seem that spectacular. I’ve heard about their Hash because we’ve had it in the store longer than I have been here.
This premium Hash is as close to the hash you can get across seas with how its made, how it looks and feels. But I wasn’t as impressed then, but then I smoked a couple of the Sitka Lebanese Gold’s, and I was happily impressed.

Sitka Knows Hashish

They were super smooth, the hash was kind on my throat and I didn’t feel the need to cough excessively. The Gold is their Sativa label and was a nice mental boost for the rest of the night. I imagine that their Red label would be chill and bodily relaxing for even seasoned partakers!
We have a bunch of different types of Sitka Joints for your pleasure; Their Sitka Unicone in either Sativa – Indica – Hybrid options a really potent roll with a mixture of Lebanese Hashish, distillate, natural terpenes, and a dry sift all rolled up into one unique preroll.
These are ready to take you out of this world. We also have their creme de la creme – Sikarillo’s in either Lebanese Red , Lebanese Gold , and Cascade Cream options.
These big time rolls are rolled in a sheet of Lebanese hash, that’s glued “liberally” to half a gram of premium flower with pure co2 distillate oil! Not only do we have these amazing hash rolls from Sitka we have a couple of their other lines of joints as well! Fresh & Terpy have Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid options of prerolls that have been coated with Terp-enhanced distillate and dusted with a dry shift.
These little dudes aren’t playing around! Thursday’s are the best day’s for joint lovers!

Friday 27th  -Fainting Goat for large quantities

Lets keep the Fainting for the Goats people, they are the professionals. But we do have chairs should you need them when you get here and realize these already low priced bags cost even less today! Best part of a great deal is feeling satisfied long after you get home. We hope to accomplish this with you every chance we get.

Fridays are the days for large quantity, and this Friday Fainting Goat is the flower to look for. They look better than ever with big fluffy buds that are crystal coated and sticky to the touch. I wouldn’t miss this change to pick up at least one of these bags of buds!

Vendor Day :  Pura Vida is our vendor today 

1) Get ready to breath in that Pure Life with Pura Vida flower or concentrates during this weeks Vendor Day. Cracking open a jar of Pura Vida flower is like ripping open a present with something shiny inside. The feeling of excitement builds with the first sight of the jar, escalating as the seal is broken. Holding this flower in your hand is like holding a little jewel, so perfectly shaped and sparkling. It”s almost sad to see it broken up.
But it must be done.
As you break the bud, bursts of aroma tease your seances, and the flower covers your fingers with sticky trichomes enough to make you want to lick your fingers. And I did. The flavors, of the White Gorilla at least, was clean and fresh, like picking fresh mint and tasting it before dropping in your tea.

Pura Vida Amazes Me

It only made me more thrilled to smoke it. Even the sight of the bright frosted green leaves, sparkling with keif, only added to the spell that drew me in to the amazing experience Pura Vida promises. Okay. The bowl is loaded, the joint is rolled, the dab is loaded and banger hot, we’re ready.
Now I haven’t had the pleasure of trying their concentrates, but I can tell you that they’e super crystally, like sugar crystal’s just ready to melt into sweet sweet vapor. Now back to the flower.
The smoke flows as you inhale, smooth as water over ice it reaches inside and covers everything with a warmth that spreads out till it reaches the top of your head. As you know of course, what you’re smoking will really depend on the affects you feel, but thankfully Pura Vida has something for every occasion.

Pura Vida vendor day Friday from 4pm – 7pm. 

Take a breath of Pure Life every time you take a toke of this amazing flower by PuraVida such as Crystal Coma, a strain perfect for a happy pick me up that can settle the storm of the mind and bring back the sunshine to your day, or for something more relaxing to your body give their Pura Vida OG a try, a fantastic grow of a classic strain.
Today’s the day to ask questions and learn more about why their products hit you harder than ever before! Vendor day’s are here for you to learn of the science of why this little plant has such a big impact! Feel free to join us for every vendor day, (most) Fridays from 4pm – 7pm.
We all know and love their flower, White Gorilla, Crystal Coma, Pura Vida OG, all amazing strains that makes multiple people very happy. But have you tried their Oils? Now I know I just mentioned White Gorilla, and we love the crystal covered flower, but dabbers out there, have *you* had a chance to try this amazing high?

Pura Vida Concentrates and Flower

Now you can, we’ve brought in this outstanding strain in both concentrates and flower. After something different? Try their Lime Coma! I haven’t had a chance to experience it myself so I would love to hear your opinions about it.
No worries flower lovers, we’ve got you covered as well! Bringing in the big three already listed as quantity of flower, but we’re also bringing in some new strains in preroll form! Jungle Mac, and new from them, Sour Diesel. We have more but I wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with the greatness!
Come see for yourself what we have from Pura Vida today during our Vendor Day from 4pm – 7pm when all of their products will be on special!

Banano Buds Flower And Concentrates

Saturday  28th–   Banano Buds is our featured farm today
Ready to go Bananas?! Banano Buds will be our Featured Farm today and boy do we have a bunch for you to try! For Banano Buds flower, try their amazing Dutchberry (let me tell you – this was the best Dutchberry I’ve had).
The stony high is almost like a comfortable blanket wrapped around your whole body, you feel warm and happy and a little hungry for some munchies as well. Its berry flavor is far more pronounced than with the other cuts I’ve tried and made for an amazing joint! Anyway’s, we also have Banano buds flower strains that are unique to the farm, like their Banano Berry and Banano Treat.

Banano Buds Unique Flower Strains

Don’t let the Banano Buds flower names fool you, these two strains are very different from one another and brings a unique twist on some favorites. Lets not forget about their Blueberry Diesel either, a heavier Blueberry cross that will help relax you and get you ready for many possibilities!
Last but not least we also have their Purple AK, A fun cross of Granddaddy Purple and AK47 for a heavy hitting hybrid. Banano Buds has a little bit of something for everyone! I look forward to seeing you all during our Featured Farm day!
banano buds flower
banano buds flower jar of cannabis
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