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Kendawg Strain | Laughingman Farms

Kendawg strain is a sativa dominant hybrid. It is a legendary strain and respected worldwide.

Kendawg Strain of the week

Kendawg brings together Chem #4 with a rare Sativa dominant phenotype of the classic Ken’s GDP known as, GDP #2. So, expect an intense sativa that brings forth all the intense flavor and effects sativa lovers enjoy. The “Kendawg” blossoms forth with a big lovely rose sweetness but with peppery spice.

How Does Kendawg Strain Taste?

The smell and taste hint at the effect to come. Expect a smooth sailing rose parade that ends with a spicy feeling. Like, you came home and found a line of rose petals that led to the bedroom… The terpenes are wonderful and the aftertaste lingers almost as long as the psychoactive effects. Sativa lovers – you may just have found your new favorite sativa.

Kendawg And More On Sale This Week

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Tuesday’s Drink:

High Tea, raise a toast but don’t get too toasted. This stuff goes down easy so it is easy to overindulge. Enjoy all good things in all good time!

Wednesday’s Edibles:

Honu, the award winning edibles from Honu taste amazing. We love Honu!

Thursday’s Preroll:

Kohl Infused Prerolls, a new and well done take on infusing a preroll. The distillate provides that extra turbo charge. Our tasters say they burn evenly but only if you don’t lopside them on lighting them up.

Friday’s Large Quantities:

Agrijuanana. Come by if you need to get a big discount on a big bag of their great organic cannabis.


September 7

Green Bluffs Greenhouse

Saturday’s Featured Farm:

Mink Farms

High Tea 15% off!

High Tea offers a great way to enjoy your cannabis one sip at a high tea time!

Green Bluff Vendor Day

Stop by on Sept 7 for a Vendor Day special and meet the folks that put their blood, sweat, tears, and their green thumb into creating some wonderful cannabis!


produces some of the finest hash we have ever tasted. In Sitka hash, you taste the flavor of India, Afghanistan, and Nepal, experience the high of Mt. Everest. It is just wonderful and authentic hash!

In This Week

Cut Above

  • Jackfruit: 3.5g 7g, 14g, and 28g
  • Glue #4: 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g
  • Guerrilla Warefare: 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g
  • Dutch Treat: 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g
  • Cookies n’ Cream 1g Preroll
  • Pineapple Express 1g Preroll
  • Doc’s OG 1g Preroll
  • Jet Fuel Infused 1g Preroll
  • Orange Cream Infused 1g Preroll

US Cannabis

  • Maui Wowie: 7g and 28g

Laughing Man Farms

  • Chernobyl 1g Preroll and 3.5g Preroll Pack
  • Kendawg 1g Preroll and 3.5g Preroll Pack
  • Lemon Alien 1g Preroll and 3.5g Preroll Pack

Canna Organix

  • Do-Si-Dos: 1g, 3.5g and 7g
  • Blackberry kush .5g Syringe
  • Tropical Breeze .5g Syringe
  • Blackberry Kush .5g Cartridge
  • Golden Apricot .5g Cartridge
  • Grapeness .5g Cartridge
  • Mango Haze .5g Cartridge
  • OMGuava .5g Cartridge
  • Pineapple Crush .5g Cartridge
  • Tropical Breeze .5g Cartridge
  • Washington Apple .5g Cartridge


  • X1 5 pack Prerolls
  • Lavender 5 pack prerolls
  • Purple Ice 5 pack prerolls
  • Headbanger 5 pack prerolls
  • Mixed 5 pack prerolls
  • Bloodstone .5g Cartridge

Rogue Raven

  • Firestorm: 1.3g and 4g
  • G-13: 1.3g, 4g, and 7g
  • Harlequin: 1.3g and 4g
  • 12th strain 1g Preroll
  • Cherry Gorilla 1g preroll
  • Fucking Incredible 1g preroll
  • Gglue #4 1g Preroll
  • NYPD 1g Preroll
  • White Widow 1g preroll
  • Volcano Fuel – Hybrid Flower and Oil
  • Try Volcano Fuel – Sativa flower and oil
  • Volcano Fuel – Indica flower and oil
  • Harlequin Shatter

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