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Pinnacle Concentrates

Pinnacle Concentrates are wonderful. One thing that can be said about White Rabbit, we do our best in bringing quality Wax’s and Concentrates.

Pinnacle Concentrates

You can taste and feel the difference in each one, and I love when you can taste the strains nuances. Purple punch has been popular and I can see why. It gets all the right notes of sweetness. It almost tastes like Kool Aid tropical punch.

A Wide Variety Of Pinnacle Concentrates

With Pinnacle Concentrates,  this week we’re putting the popular Pinnacle Pure’s on special. We will have Crumbles, Wax’s, and Diamonds of a few different strains such as Purple Punch, Cheese Quake, Timmy’s Cut. Who knows there may even be some Sour LSD left as well! Each of these strains have a unique flavor and taste that Pinnacle pulls out perfectly in their oils.

Pinnacle Concentrates & More Upcoming Specials

Topicals discounted 15%

Tuesday the 18th 

Not everyone needs to smoke to get the benefits from cannabis. Heck, you don’t even have to eat it! We have many topical’s that can dig deep into your tissue to get to those pesky aches and pains!
I can tell you right now… Not only do we have one of the top brands in the state, FLOW, but we have one that’s our favorite in the store, the Ceres Dragon Balm!
Now I don’t personally have many aches and pains in my body, but I can definitely get sore after a day of moving all my house furniture by myself. I go nuts and try to cut corners to save time and energy. Doesn’t always work but what does work is the Dragon Balm.
It always helps the next day go smoother if I smother my back in the balm the night before. Maybe the Dragon Balm isn’t for you, I know my coworker has a deep love for the Hazy Daze Wonder Rub. It has generous amounts of THC and CBD to help many needs.
Wild Mint has some of the highest CBD count in our store, reaching over 1000 mg of CBD in the container, they also have a wonderful Muscle and Joint rub, a foot soak, and so many more amazing items. There’s so many different types of topical’s that we have here, most with gentle scents as not to offend any noses! So many in fact that I highly suggest coming in to see what ratio is right for your needs!

Evergreen Herbal 15% Off

Wednesday the 19th 

There’s something to be said about a tranquil cup of tea. It’s warming and calming to the spirit in a single cup. Now you can mix this comforting drink with a favorite pass-time.
High Tea Offers a Sencha Green Tea, a Masala Chai, and a PM Dream-time formula! Each single cup holds a single serving of 10 mg THC alongside the natural relaxing herbs you know and love.


Pura Vida  pre-rolls – Save 15%

There isn’t much that needs to be said about Pura Vida, they practically scream just how amazing they are. In fact, there is a constant stream of regular customers that return for their new favorites.
If you haven’t had a chance to try their flower, I recommend coming in today during our Rabbit Roll Deal. All the strains we have in flower and more, already broken up and easy to be light in your bowl or bong, or as a joint, whatever you prefer.
Come try Fuzzy Melon and tell me what its like, with parent strains of Forbidden Fruit x Watermelon Zkittles. Their Sour Diesel is easily one of their best sellers, and you’d better hurry to see if the Jungle Mac is left. The smooth flavors of MAC have thick zesty orange notes that are balanced out by floral accents and a sweet, earthy finish.
Of course you’ll see your favorite strains too, such as Gorilla White or Crystal Coma…
Pura Vida Prerolls


Endo for large quantities

Friday the 21st 

To be honest, I don’t know too much about our large quantity vendor of the week. We brought Endo Farms in over month ago as an addition to our budget line. Their flower looks nice for the price point and is selling well.
Acapulco Gold is harder to come by these day’s and has been flying off the shelf!
Mr. Clean can help motivate you along your day, and afterwards Grape Popinski can relax you into a pleasant evening. I’ve tried many different types of flower in my time, I’ve noticed that even though some vendors grow the same strain, they don’t always have the same effects.
Dj Short Blueberry is one of the few exceptions. I’m not sure if maybe it’s a super happy plant for most people, but everyone I’ve smoked has been the same in effects, a super light chill high with a pleasant mixture of euphoria and numbness. I’ve also noticed that Dj Short Blueberry is calming to the stomach, and thus can help with several things such as nausea and anxiety. This light Indica is a good choice for daytime needs as well.

SoulShine featured farm today

Saturday the 22nd 

Soulshine will literally make your soul shine with how great their flower makes you feel. Their Narnia takes you to another world and leaves you giggling through the whole journey. Klingon will take you past the stars on an adventure into dreamland.

Or, get dialed down with their Gorilla Glue and space out. Anywhere you go you’ll be happy about it because not only are you using quality cannabis, but a portion of their funds goes towards rescuing, nurturing, and rehabilitating homeless and neglected animals with the Emerald City Pet rescue.

Feel good in more than one way when you buy SoulShine from White Rabbit, do it on a sale day and even your wallet will be happy!

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