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Green Rush Farm Of The Day

Green Rush works with White Rabbit going all the way back to the beginning of time itself. Meaning, since the beginning of legal cannabis sales in WA.

Green Rush Featured 15% OFF!

As our featured farm, Green Rush Cannabis gets all their great cannabis products reduced by 15%. We have flower, prerolls, and concentrates from this wonderful company.

Higher Ideals At Green Rush

One of the hallmarks of their great products, they focus on pesticide free and environmentally sustainable growing practices. They also keep things interesting. Not only do they do classic strains, but they do unique and potent strains that you won’t find elsewhere.

Also At White Rabbit Cannabis

A great weekend to stop in at White Rabbit!

Check out all these other great daily specials, each day features a product marked down by 15%.

10/26 – Green Rush is featured farm and all their products get marked down today

10/27 – Orgrow concentrates on sale. Ethanol extracted so no hydrocarbons involved in the extraction process.

10/28 – Silicone paraphernalia is on sale today for 15% off.

10/29 – All infused capsule products marked down.

10/30 – Ceres edibles on sale today

10/31 – Come by in your Halloween costume and get 5% off your order! All candy is marked down 15% too! (discounts cannot be combined)

November Toy Drive

All November get ready for our annual toy drive. This year, if you bring in a toy for a less privileged child then we will give you 10% off your order. This discount will not be combined with other sales prices, but it is a great way to save on your entire order and put a smile on a kid’s face!

We work closely with Edmonds Food Bank throughout the year. They are a great organization and we are happy to help them help others. If you feel like donating some time to help others during the upcoming holiday season, then check them out.

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