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Verdelux Edibles

Verdelux Edibles continue to impress. This company started with some incredible infused chocolates, the BonBombs. The milk chocolate and dark chocolate infused with cannabis truffles rival anything produced in Holland. Their Illuminations line of hard candies are made the old fashioned way and contain flavors that actually taste like fruits, not chemicals.

All Verdelux Edibles On Sale 15% Today

If you have hesitated on trying edibles or have vast experience, then you should get in on the Verdelux edibles today. Be mindful if you haven’t tried to many edibles. The urge to have just one more can be quite daunting an hour or too later. Edibles take a bit longer to hit, but when they do…

More Upcoming Specials This Week

Welcome to June and hope you are staying safe and sound from all the troubles of the world. Keep the peace and be the change you want to see in the world!


Saints Prerolls

6/4 15% Off

Prerolls from Saints on sale today. Inventory moves quickly, so please make sure to check the site for details on available strains.


Agrijuana Topicals

6/5 15% Off

Agrijuana topicals are one of our most popular topicals. The formula is non-greasy and fast acting. Their is a whiff of lavender as well so it smells nice too!

Food Drive

The food drive is still going on! Save 5% when you bring in a can or boxed food item for the Edmonds Food Bank. Plus,  white rabbit cannabis has delivered mass quantities of items during the pandemic. So, many thanks for helping us help those in need!

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