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Earth Day and 420

420 and Earth Day all rolled into one great celebration! From April 19th though the 22nd, find a bunch of great products on sale. Every year 4/20 celebrates all that is great about the legal recreational and medical cannabis industry. Social distancing rules are in effect, but at White Rabbit can still celebrate our love of great cannabis!

420 and Earth Day Specials

From the 19th to the 22nd these products will be on sale while supplies last.

  • 420 Minis -THC 10pk $19
  • Ceres – Select THC Edibles $19.50
  • Red Frog – Popcorn Half Ounce $85
  • LeafWERX – Select Refined Cartridge $29
  • Moxee Weed Co. – Eighths $17
  • Ray’s Lemonade – 100mg $19.50
  • Green420 – Grams $6 / Eighths $20 / Quarters $40 / Half $81 / Ounce $153
  • Starseed -1g Cartridge $25 / 1g Preroll $3.50 / 7pk 1g Preroll $12 / 28pk 1g Preroll $44

Daily Cannabis Specials

In addition to the 420 and Earth Day sale, we also have some great daily specials to check out.

Food Drive!

Save 5% on your entire purchase when you bring in an item for the Edmonds Food Bank! (cannot be combined with other discounts)

Sub Ohm Oil


Sub Ohm dabs are on sale today for the Caterpillar’s Choice Concentrate of the Day. 15% Off.

LeafWerx Pax Pods


Today is 4/20 so come celebrate (with social distancing in effect of course) with some Pax Pods from Leafwerx. Excellent cartridges that taste great and work fantastic.

Earth Day and 420

The world may be totally upside down due to covid 19, but 420 and Earth Day remind us to look beyond to better days ahead. Celebrate 4/20 safely and responsibly and remember to care for Mother Earth. Without her love, there wouldn’t be a 420 in the first place!

This year the theme of Earth Day is climate change. People might be hurt by the virus, but the stay in place orders around the world have been a blessing to the planet. Let that be a small but valuable lesson. Indeed there is a silver lining in even the darkest times.

The less we drive the better for the environment. People shouldn’t drive if they are enjoying cannabis… So you can see where already cannabis is good for the planet… right?

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