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Cherry Pie Strain | Pura Vida

Cherry pie strain is a popular indica dominant hybrid.

About Cherry Pie Strain From Pura Vida

Pura Vida Cannabis

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July 14 to July 20

Cherry pie strain, which some call Cherry Pie Kush, offers an indica dominant hybrid. Originally bred from that granddaddy of indicas Granddaddy Purple and the killer sativa known as Durban Poison, their Cherry Pie strain balances the best of both. The strain offers plenty of sweet, I smell grapes, cherries, blueberries, and even a hint of peach. Pretty much a fruit salad which comes from the GDP. The Durban Poison adds some savory notes of pine and a bit of earthiness.

All in all, the smell wafts deliciously and tastes just as sweet.

I completely commend Pura Vida on the cure too. It burns perfectly and is neither to brittle nor too moist.

cherry pie pura vida

The Cherry Pie strain that lifts you up

In terms of Cherry Pie, I don’t think I have tasted better. I always like when I can actually smell what the strain gets named.

Sativas possess the rep for bright and energetic highs, but the Pura Vida cherry pie strain feels pretty elevated to me as well. I only took a few bong loads but it did the trick. Subsequently, I am far from wanting to lock myself to any couch.

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