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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies | Red Frog | Review

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is one of those strains I have heard about and seen around forever but never tried. Until now of course. Courtesy of the great folks at Red Frog Cannabis, I will finally get my chance.

Time to see what all the hoopla-la-la-la-ti-dah is all about.

So, when a strain wins a prize at a Cannabis Cup somewhere, or suddenly bursts on the scene as the darling of the day, I admittedly run a bit of skepticism up the flag pole. I get up on the soap box and proclaim “Show me the Bud!” That reluctance to jump on the strain of the day underlies why I took so long to try Platinum GSC.

Red Frog’s Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Looking into the clear window of the packaging, the bud looks wonderful. It has a bright honeydew glow and the flower is properly frosty. It certainly looks very appealing. The trim looks immaculate and it appears to tilt more to the indica side – with short fat leaves cloaking the plump seedless calyxes.

The Sniff Test

Does Platinum Girl Scout Cookies pass the sniff test? The first whiff is full of spruce, with some sweetness that is more like apple and plum as opposed to berries. It is very clean and free of any mustiness. So excellent effort on packaging at the right time along the curing process.

Let’s Bake Some Platinum GSC

The first bong load doesn’t blow me up. I think I was expecting one of those ever expanding hits. You know the kind. Where you feel like your lungs will turn inside out doing a flip flop. Instead, I enjoy an immensely smooth hit. Zero harshness. No gnarly aftertaste or burn on the back of the throat either.

I wanted a bit more “what the hell just hit me” but I was happy to settle for “that tastes so good I’ll have another”.

Stick That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

Pinching a bit of bud off for the next hit I notice how sticky it is.  The flower has that sort of stickiness where you want to throw it at the wall and see if it sticks. Because seriously, it is that sticky. Like pin it to the wall and come back later to find it right where you stuck it sticky.

Not Your Momma’s Girl Scout Cookies

Young girl scouts selling cookies may one day work for a while as White Rabbit budtenders selling platinum girl scout cookies from Red Frog. This is the way the universe tries to find balance… and Platinum GSC is all about being a balanced strain.

Like Yin and Yang, it is a balance of opposites. It looks more like an indica, but I find the mellow to be more sativa-esque. It tastes like a spicy sativa inhaling, but exhales with sweet indica notes. You get a bit of body high with a touch of high mindedness. (That must be the platinum)

As a fan of Durban Poison, that sativa side of the genetics is very appealing. Of course, OG Kush genetics run through just about every great strain known to date. So, kudos to Red Frog on showcasing this strain.

While it didn’t quite pack the punch I expected, I have to admit doing more than one rip sounds pretty appealing…

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