Bumbershoot Weed Specials

Bumbershoot weed deals are here! Head to the party and enjoy a great time! Stay safe and consume responsibly. Remember, public use of marijuana is still not permitted in WA, so even if everyone is doing it during Bumbershoot, doesn’t mean you can’t get fined for it.

Just make sure to respect the law enforcement on hand – they are there to keep folks safe, not to spoil anyone’s fun.

Bumbershoot Weed Deals 2018

We know, we know. This holiday always comes a bit too soon. But, instead of bumming that Summer is almost gone, you should be heading to Bumbershoot for music and fun times. Hopping into White Rabbit on the way to pick up some supplies is a good idea too! Enjoy the weather, some peace, love, and great cannabis this weekend (at a great price too!)

Dutch Dream Chipper Garden Bumbershoot Weed Deal

Chipper Dabs because a little dab will do ya!

Gram for only $12.00 bucks!

Interra Pure 1/2 Carts

$15 for 1/2 gram

Mount St Helens Dabs

$17.50 now $15g

Cut Above 1 gram prerolls

Try out some of the Wild Mint prerolls so you don’t have to spend the day rolling joints for everyone!

$5 now $4

Hidrates Pullman Punch 1 to 1

Wooden Paraphernalia, US Cannabis, and PTSfree from Fairwinds are also all on sale!

On sale all week

Enjoy your Labor Day! Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the weekend playing and dancing at Bumbershoot! We wish you all the best and thanks for your support of White Rabbit, thanks for your service to this country, and thank you for bringing more love and happiness to the world!

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