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Mt Baker Gardens | MBG’s Cornbread Review

Mt Baker Gardens offers top shelf flower at a great price.

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MBG’s Cornbread Strain


Product Review

Time to try Cornbread strain by Mt Baker Gardens.

Notably, Mt Baker Gardens produces a lot of great organic cannabis and this month’s sale offers a fantastic 20% discount on everything we carry. For this review, I put their Cornbread strain to the test. Cornbread comes from premier seed bank Rare Dankness. Describes as an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid strain, it crosses Katsu¬†Bubba Kush¬†and Rare Dankness #2.

cornbread indica

Is Mt Baker Gardens Cornbread Strain Potent?

I love that first whiff of opening packaging. The aroma provides the most clear and distinct initial impression. In this case, I caught a nose of grapefruit, slightly citrus but not necessarily lemony, but sweet. Underneath that, I detect a bit of strawberry, so the fruity pungency suggests sweet and sour notes.

After cleaning the apparatus, I put in a small pinch. A huge hit makes more sense if the goal is getting groovy, but I seek the terps. I don’t want to risk coughing and losing touch with the flavor as a result. The mental and physical side comes quickly enough. The nugs are dense and well trimmed. They are frosty although not ridiculously so.

Cornbread Strain

The flavor comes through more on the sweet side than the sour, not surprising for an indica dominant strain. Very smooth, and burned just right – not too hot and not too wet. This means proper curing, another plus.

In terms of the head and body, I feel more on the body side, which I would describe as warm and glowing. The mental rolls out as slightly sedative so I would recommend it as late night treat, not a get up and go sort of vibe.

Overall, this is a solid indica and delivers what a lot of people want from their indicas – that feeling that makes the couch so comfy.

Thanks Mt Baker Gardens!

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