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Cookies N Cream | Mt Baker Gardens | review

Cookies N Cream is a hybrid cannabis strain.

Mt Baker Gardens cookies n cream

Cookies N Cream hybrid

Mt Baker Gardens

Product Review

Cookies n Cream strain crosses Starfighter with an Unknown Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. The sample I have drops in at 20.8% . This means nothing to sneeze at. Of course, you may cough if you take too big a bongload!

I open the gram sized nug which sits locked in convenient resealable packaging. Then, I draw in deeply.

Tasty Nugs

Time to capture the redolence of the sweet and resinous trichromes. The bag bursts with terpene rich scents.

Although I saw the strain described as “vanilla”, I find that not to be the case. Instead, my first take on the nose suggests cranberries and clover grass. The fragrance pretty much celebrates sunshine.

Trimmed Neatly

Next, I examine the trim and cure of the bud. The trim is tight but appears  hand trimmed. Fortunately, the buds do not appear brutalized by a machine trimmer. Those tend to knock off too many crystals. Note, that might be ideal to get keif. However, nothing sucks more than a pretty bud that has all the trichrome crystals knocked off!

Happy to report, the cure also suggests real care and patience as well.

Not too dry, nor too damp, the balance of moisture makes the bud smoke smoothly. Neither burning too hot, nor having issues staying lit, the flower smokes nicely in both a bong load (one hitter) and in a pipe (multi hit).

Cookies N Cream Delicious

Finally, how does it feel? Since Cookies N Cream claims to be a 50/50% hybrid I certainly don’t set any expectations. Forget those opinions based on the stereotypical expectations of sativas and indicas.  Everyone will react to the various compounds in cannabis uniquely depending on numerous factors.

In this case, I do get a nice headiness. The feeling of waking dreams and a flush of warm thoughts.

The body vibe feels equally pleasant. Far from wanting to sink into a couch or jump up and paint my masterpiece, I am more inspired to get out and do some yard work. I want sunshine on my face. Going to wave at my neighbors. In fact, time to wish them a great day.

That may sound cornbready. But that is a good thing. Nicely done Mt Baker Gardens!

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About Mt Baker Gardens

Mt Baker Gardens deploys a vertical grow system and uses organic nutrients for a very tightly controlled grow environment. The effort pays off with consistent quality.


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