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Smoking with the Caterpillar

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother’s Day from White Rabbit Cannabis!

Happy Mothers Day!

Peace, love, and great cannabis

with love from White Rabbit

I know I am not the only kid that once asked my Mom. “Why is there a Mothers Day?” Of course her perfect answer, “Because every day is kid’s day” probably wasn’t the first time that was used either. However, I just know that in that moment, I was humbled, even a bit ashamed I asked in the first place. Yet that moment captured so much of what makes Mom special.
It was restraint and patience. Filled with unconditional love, then speaking volumes without saying much. She was teaching me manners but letting me find my own truth. Only Moms can say so much with saying so little, or sometimes nothing at all. Because Moms don’t need to even speak when a raised eyebrow or a loving smile or a penetrating stare will do the trick.
Show Moms love today. Pay respect to all the generations of women that led to your being who you are. If she is only going to get special recognition on one day of the year, then make it special!
Happy Mothers Day from all of us at White Rabbit Cannabis.


Gift Suggestions

For the cannabis friendly Mom, we have a few suggestions…

  • A bath bomb will help her ease away the day’s in a warm bath infused with cbd to relax and enjoy.
  • Happy Apple infused beverages taste amazing and deliver essentially a massage of the mental and spiritual sides of being
  • Ice Cream Sundae prerolls… who can ever say not to a good ice cream sundae?

All of these are marked down 15% so come in and grab Mom the gift that gives the loving energy of Mother Earth’s favorite herbal remedy.

Green Bluff Greenhouse

Specializing in landrace sativas like Red Congolese, Green Bluff Greenhouse come in wonderfully unique jars. They exemplify small batch boutique cultivators. We recommend them highly. So there is no excuse not to try them… All month long they are marked down 20%!

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