Seafair Sale at White Rabbit


Seafair Weed Sale

Drop by our Seafair weed sale storewide at White Rabbit this weekend!

Seafair Sale Weed Sale At White Rabbit Cannabis

Every year Seafair brings out the party spirit of summer fun and frolic. Drop by White Rabbit on your way to the water and pick up some great savings on Thundersticks and save big on Aloha Botanics joints 4pk of .5 sized joints marked down to $7.50 from $9!

Save on Thundersticks

Those tasty full flower plus distillate coated joints from Thundersticks go on sale too!

Discounts on select brands

That is an insane price for great joints that will save you have to roll this weekend. Chipper Gardens one gram dabs marked down from $15 to $12.75! Yes, that is one gram for $12.75. Life is a beach, then you grab a great sale at White Rabbit. Now get outside and enjoy yourself with fun and safety!

Every Day Discounts

Along with our Seafair Specials this week, you can also find 15% or more discounts on the following items:
Thursday’s Pre-roll: Jars of Joints 
Friday’s Large Quantities: Heritage Group marked down on multi-gram purchases

Friday is Also CannaSol Vendor Day from 4 to 7 pm

Cannasol stops by to show off their flower and concentrates. Learn more about this great company directly from the source!

Green Bluff Sativas

Green Bluff Greenhouse is a legal cannabis recreational farm in Washington State that specializes in rare, old school Sativa’s. Growing great authentic sativa requires dedication and patience but the effort is highly worth the wait!


Infused with high quality extra pure THC distillate,  Thundersticks offer a extra kick of THC to the tightly packed flower joints. They burn smoothly and evenly and don’t leave a harsh aftertaste so if you are looking for a deal on a good cannabis infused joint then stop on by.

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