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LeafWerx Brights Review

LeafWerx Brights deliver super high quality dabs that deserve praise. The extract process relies on Co2 extraction. In terms of an extraction method, Co2 offers some distinct advantages, but it also is typically at a disadvantage as well. Because Co2 is not as aggressive a solvent as most petroleum based solvents, like pentane, entane, butane, etc., most processors don’t favor it.

At White Rabbit, we love LeafWerx for going the extra mile to do solvent free right.

More about sense than dollars with LeafWerx Brights

Petroleum based solvents render a higher yield than Co2. So there is more profit in using them. However, Co2 provides a much safer product, since Co2 extraction results in a truly solventless extract. Whereas, even with robust purging, petroleum based extracts typical leave a slight bit of residue. It might be in the parts per million, but it still means you are inhaling molecules of petroleum based solvents.

Let’s put it this way, all petroleum based products carry warnings about inhalation because they are carcinogenic.

A Co2 Extraction that sets the bar

With the LeafWerx Brights, they achieve a full flavored extract that includes a very wide spectrum of the naturally obtained terpenes from the flower. Even better, LeafWerx produces their own PESTICIDE FREE flower for extraction. So they are truly respecting the quality and purity of the extraction.  It is not easy to remove all the H2o from the extraction. Luckily, LeafWerx Brights finds the way.

If all the water content is not removed, then that will cause dabs to bubble, percolate, and pop. Fortunately, the Brights are very clean and don’t present this problem. They vaporize perfectly.

All about the taste

The virtue of LeafWerx Co2 extractions? Most of all, I think it comes down to the smoothness and flavor. Instead of getting that snake bite on the back of the throat, typically due to the presence of impurities like leftover solvent or pesticides, (yes, it can’t get any worse), you get the smoothest and best tasting experience imaginable.

leafWerx Brights
LeafWerx Brights gets solventless right

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