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GGlue #4 Review | Island Gro

GGlue #4 takes a bit of nerve to pull off. It is one of those strains that so many different farms try and the results vary so widely. Give credit where credit is due. Island Gro pulls off a nice heady Gglue #4, a legendary hybrid, and they keep the price in the righteous range.

Island Gro Does Gglue #4 Justice

Gglue #4 was formally known as “gorilla glue”, a name coined to describe the sticky challenges of trimming it. Scissor lock from the sparkling and copious trichromes was the least of its issues though. Due to a lawsuit from the makers of the popular glue products, the name had to go so it went and became “gglue #4”.

Anyone serious about branding their weed take note.  Spending money on those kind of problems sucks. Luckily the gglue #4 strain grabbed such a passionate following, that by any name it was still going to stand out. Connoisseurs made a point to seek it far and wide. Then, of course everyone starts growing it.

But not everyone does justice to gglue #4 like Island Gro.

Getting Respect For Gglue #4 Isn’t Easy

This is one of those strains that so many growers try, and it is easy to be jaded about it. Also, Island Gro pulls it off for a nice low price, but that is just typically more reason to doubt it… But, at the end of the day, all that matters…

Does it taste good?

Heck yes! The bud has plenty of flavor, a bit of citrus, a hint of chocolate, melon, some minty notes. It definitely has the spice of great sativas with the fruit and sweet of respectable indica.

Island Gro Cannabis gg#4

But does it do the glue #4 righteous?

Check that off too. Gglue #4 earned a rep for being all the best of what indica lovers dig about indica and sativa lovers swear by in sativa. Island Gro delivers a heady and mystical take on the strain. It brings on a nice glow. Like the magic light on the horizon when the sun sets. It is relaxing yet inspiring.

Indica fans that want the body buzz will feel chill but energized like a being on a yacht catching a steady wind in its sail. Sativa lovers will rejoice in the mind expansion but not get lost in the journey to the center of the stone.

My only qualm is the trim is not perfect, but hardly a complaint. I would rather see a less trimmed bud that still has trichromes on it than a great looking bud with no glimmer or glam to it. No shiny diamonds of crystals sparkling is always a bummer. In this case, it simply is a matter of diamonds in the rough.

The sample tested at a very respectful 23.2 THC, but a test means little if the trichromes are gone. So thanks and appreciation goes again to Island Gro for keeping it real.

Doing gglue #4 takes a bit of chutzpah. If you are going to do it… then do it like Island Gro.

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