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Cannabis Vape Tips pt 2

There are some new vape models at White Rabbit Cannabis, so it is a good time to share these handy tips. Courtesy of the Mad Hatter, who knows a thing or two about how crazy vapes can be. Be sure to check out his vape guide and his review of products.

Vape Tips

Here are some helpful tips to make sure you get the most from your vaping experience.

Vape Batteries and Cartridges:
  • Always charge the battery in a computer or video game console. Charger blocks for cell phones are rough on vape batteries since they are so strong and can burn them out. Batteries are just that, batteries. Just like an Eveready or Duracell. They will not work if treated improperly and will eventually run out.
  • Once fully charged, make sure the battery is removed. If a battery sits on a charger all day long while fully charged it might cycle and deplete the life of the battery. When this happens, it renders it unable to hold a charge.
  • Remember that White Rabbit Cannabis vape batteries come with a charge, but be sure to charge them completely before use.  When batteries are charged partially it creates a “memory” which means the last amount of charge is what the battery knows as it’s capacity. So charging for 30 minutes repeatedly can shorten the capacity of a vape battery.
  • It is best to charge vape batteries until they are completely full, and use them until they are completely out of charge.   Use this Mantra, “charge  battery completely before use, only recharge once the battery is dead” These are pretty much good words to live by.
  • Make sure you know what kind of cartridges work best with your vape. Some cartridges may not work with an inhale activated battery such as an Airo-Pro, Pax Era, CCELL Palm, etc.
avitas pax era pod white rabbit cannabis
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