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AJ’s Sour Diesel | Dream City

AJ’s sour diesel is a great take on the well known strain by a truly gifted grower.

AJ’s Sour Diesel by Dream City Cannabis

Product Review

Sour Diesel perks ears up whenever it is mentioned. The strain goes way back to the 90s so it has been around a while. Typically, strains that remain ever popular do so for good reason. In fact, if the genetics remain strong enough that even less skilled growers can look good growing it, then that explains the longevity. In the case of Dream City, you have master growers that truly take pride in creating top shelf cannabis.

So, no surprise, they make sure you know it is AJ’s sour diesel, and not just any sour diesel.


Sour Diesel comes from chemdawg 91, a well known strain developed during the 90s. Chemdawg 91 achieved near mythical status on Grateful Dead tour back then; it was the sativa that turned heads. “Where is that smell coming from?” asked anxious hippies intrigued by the so-called “diesel” smell. Sweet and funky with a super skunk that almost has an industrial aroma, the lovely stink of sour diesel permeates distinctly.

With AJ’s Sour Diesel, the diesel smell comes on like a Mack truck with failing breaks. It is heavy and won’t stop even after you close the container. That funky skunk dank stank hangs around like the favorite tee shirt you can’t get rid of. It just feels so comfortable; who cares if it smells a bit like sweaty socks?


Sour diesel also maintains a rep for being very cerebral and downright trippy. This quality scares some folks off sativas. I personally love it. When I feel like I am embarking on an expedition to my inner self then that is a time for sight seeing introspection. I enjoy the ride.

For AJ’s version, I prefer to try it with a freshly cleaned bong. I make sure the apparatus gets the sparkling clean treatment. I want to savor the flavor and truly find out if it is “one hit wonder”. Unfortunately, I like the taste so much that I end up taking another hit before I really should have. But, oh well.

The first sense of psychedelic inspiration channels through music. I suddenly find myself hearing things in songs I have heard so often before sounding new. That provides the first clue – Dream City cannabis grows some solid bud.

Good to know

Dream City Cannabis strives for serious transparency. They avoid unsafe chemicals and pesticides. They use the best organic plant based and environmentally friendly fertilizers. They get the cure just right.

Best only gets better and good to know, Dream City all June has a 20% discount on flower! There is still some AJ’s sour d available, and other strains will be coming in too. The discount unfortunately doesn’t apply to the prerolls but there is a great selection of those too.

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