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Dream City Cannabis | Featured Farm | Saturday 9-22

Dream City Cannabis grows pesticide and chemical free marijuana.

Dream City Cannabis featured farm

Stop in and enjoy a 15% discount on all Dream City cannabis while supplies last. Dream City features a collection of excellent strains and they are constantly striving to raise their standards. Whether it is cultivating new or classic strains, they always deliver flower that positively shines with resinous crystals. Their pre-rolls burn smooth and even. Their concentrates are flower extracts from buds, not just sugar trim or stems. It is obvious they go the extra mile to produce a quality product.

dream city cannabis

Review Of Silky Johnson By Dream City Cannabis

The flavor of the feeling certainly envelopes the soul in a cocoon of silken threads, tendrils of thoughts that wrap themselves over and over, seeking to emerge from the chrysalis of being. Enlighten through peace, and peace is the path of this very relaxing strain.

You find the bouquet of summer harvest in the way Silky Johnson smells and tastes, some pumpkin, a sniff of sweetness of summer corn, you will taste a hint of ripe grapes on the finish. A beautiful indica for people that love pure indica, Silky Johnson has all the best qualities of indica without being too much of a dive into a pillow of couchlock.

Canna Organix Concentrates

Sunday 9/23

Canna Organix extracts and renders some excellent quality concentrates. They employ some exclusive methods, combining the best processes for extraction, to make very flavorful high quality concentrates. Get them at a sweet discount on Sunday.

Street Kitty Glass

Monday 9/24

Need a new piece of glass from Street Kitty Glass? This unique local vendor creates one of a kind pieces that are inspired, whimsical, and being on sale is just one more reason to come in an get one in your collection.

Strain of the Week Black Cherry Soda

Mink Farms


Starting Sunday 9/23, you will be able to get the ever popular Black Cherry Soda from Mink Farms on sale for the entire week. Mink Farms is a small grow with a big heart. They are quite passionate about creating the highest quality organic bud.

Mink Farms Black Cherry Soda goes on sale all week long starting 9/23. This is the sort of family farm we cherish. Uniquely passionate about their product, they are the sort of folks that truly produce great cannabis for the love. That spirit “resin-ates” if you know what we mean…

Last Chance On San Juan Berries!

San Juan Berries from Western Cultured Saturday 9/22 is the last day of being our strain of the week. Only while supplies last!

Check us out on Instagram and learn all about “White Rabbitude” Peace, love, and great cannabis, share the joy. That is what having a great White Rabbitude is all about!

Street Kitty Glass

Mon 9/24

15% OFF!

Fun and lovely to look at, but even better for cradling your favorite cannabis to provide a wonderful draw. Street Kitty Glass makes the kind of pieces that you want to just look at but love to use.

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