So, you want to buy pot in Washington. Indeed, at White Rabbit Cannabis, we look forward to offering you great organic weed. However, staying legal remains the highest priority.

You must be 21 and over to purchase

To buy pot, everyone must have ID. Valid IDs include State or Federal identification. Keep in mind, the ID must contain picture, the birth date, and not expired. Consequently, if the ID comes from out of State or Country, then the same conditions apply.

Medical Authorizations

A medical cannabis prescription provides use of marijuana for certain ailments. Some ailments include chronic pain, seizures, and migraine headaches. As more research expands knowledge, the range of treatments expands. Oddly enough, go back a few years before prohibition. Marijuana treated the same issues.

Potential Medical Cannabis Age Exceptions

A patient legitimately prescribed cannabis by a health professional may legally purchase cannabis at 18 and over. Below 18, a parent or guardian will have to enter the store in order to make a purchase. In all cases, a medical ID card must be presented before the purchase. Rules regarding medical marijuana are found here.

What kind of doctor

An MD or ND can prescribe marijuana for a specific condition, and typically those last for a year then must be renewed. However, every doctor treats patients uniquely.

Can A Patient Obtain A Medical ID Card At White Rabbit Cannabis?

If a patient possesses a current and legitimate medical recommendation, then White Rabbit maintains a medical endorsement in the state of Washington. This means White Rabbit can create the ID card required for patients to present to bud tenders at the point of purchase. An ID card requires a photo be taken and the patient must be registered on the state system as a current patient in good standing.

Can A Medical ID Be Used At Any Recreational Marijuana Shop?

Once a patient possesses a current ID, then the ID can be presented at any medically endorsed shop.

What Is The Difference Between Recreational And Medically Endorsed?

All Washington State retail cannabis locations are recreational. However, only retailers like White Rabbit that make the additional effort to obtain a medical endorsement can issue required ID cards, access the state’s patient directory, and provide general information about medical cannabis. While the staff are not medical professionals, they do additional training and continued education in order to answer typical patient questions regarding usage and types of products suited to medical patients.

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