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This is a health notice from all of us at White Rabbit Cannabis. We just want to assure everyone we are taking every precaution possible. We are a medically endorsed store with certified medical consultants on staff.  As such, many patients depend us for their medical needs.

Our goal is to stay open during this incredibly difficult time to serve our community of patients, friends, and customers. To this end, we are practicing very strict sanitary practices. We are also providing sanitizers at every check out. Our employees are having temperature checks prior to their shift. If necessary, we will limit the number of customers inside the shop at one time so that distancing can be easily maintained.

We are uniting with all in our community to make it possible to beat this thing. We thank everyone for their patience and consideration. Stay safe and healthy and look out for one another!

Latest Health Notice And Recommendations from the CDC:

  • The CDC currently says you can go to work but when you are home, stay home! New guidelines from the federal government come out on a daily basis.  You can get info straight from the horses mouth at
  • https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/home/index.html
  • Practice social distancing do not go out, do not meet with friends, do your necessary shopping and go straight home. We have a small store, so we are asking you try your best.
  • We are asking customers to minimize their contact with counter surfaces and not touch product to keep things cleaner.
  • Stay home if you feel ill.
  • Call your doctor immediately if you have a tight chest, trouble breathing or a fever of over 100 degrees.
  • We encourage you to wear gloves and wash your hands often.
  • We  wipe down all common touch places often.
  • We Wipe down all other areas on a regular basis.
  • Please cover all coughs and sneezes , Not using your hands but tissue or arm.
  • Eat healthy, get plenty of rest. We want all our customers to be safe.
Thank you all fro coming to see us at White Rabbit Cannabis.  We wish to thank you fro your patience and understanding as we continually try to implement measures to keep you safe.  We understand these are stressful times and please forgive us in advance.  We are still striving to give good customer service during these difficult times.  We also would like you to know that, while we are trying to stay fully stocked, this may not always be possible as we and our suppliers are working with reduced staff.
We thank you for  continuing to ensure that social distancing guidelines are met, as we are required to implement and enforce them in order to stay open.
Be Safe and stay well.
We wish you, Harmony, Light, Health, Happiness, Peace, Love, and Cannabis.
We thank you sincerely.
The White Rabbit

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