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Wednesday 20th – Canna-Bursts will be discounted 15%

I dream of a bowl of canna bursts in my house. Just so I can nom nom nom on them all day long.  Because, these super tasty candies offer whimsical effects.

With a smile, take whatever path you want to take!

Canna Bursts Infused Taffy Style Candies

All their flavors taste equally delectable, with Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options in all of them. I have to say my favorite is their Grape Grenade because it tastes like 90’s grape Kool-Aid. Of course, talking back when it had all that sugary taste to it. The Lemon one tastes like straight up lemonade going down your throat, so refreshing and light.

White Rabbit now stocks two new flavors: Watermelon, very reminiscent to watermelon bubble gum. Also, pineapple – very tropical and light. Honestly these little treats come together as if a Starburst and an AirHead had a hippy baby and nurtured it with peace, love, and good cannabis.

Cannabursts come also available in CBD that are a whopping 10:1 ratio! Perfect for those moments when you don’t necessarily need the buzz, but some good relief.  I personally go for a mixture of both. Either way we’ve got you covered at White Rabbit today!

  • Thursday 21st   –  OrGrow pre-rolls discount 15%. I love that we have their fantastic infused pre-rolls!
  • Friday 22nd  –    Island Gro available for 15% off when purchasing a 1/4 oz or more, Banano Buds is our vendor today from 4 to 7pm
  • Saturday 23rd  –   Pura Vida features as farm of the day. 

    Take a breath of Pure Life every time you take a toke of this amazing flower by PuraVida.  Crystal Coma makes for a strain perfect for a happy pick me up. However, it settles the storm of the mind and brings back sunshine to your day too.

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