420 Sale & Food Bank Donations For Earth Day

Thank you for helping White Rabbit Cannabis support the Edmonds food bank and people in need.

Craig Kimball, birdhouse Builder and co-founder of White Rabbit Cannabis has made these birdhouses as a donation to the Edmonds Food Bank. He is suggesting a $30.00 donation for each bird house. (More if you can manage it.)

Your donation will go a long way towards helping those in the community who need a little extra help keeping food on the table, as well as our feathered friends who need a little help finding suitable nesting sites due to habitat loss. We have always been committed to sustainability from the partners who supply us with products, to the choices we make in our personal lives. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love” and that is a mantra we live by.

 Re-use, Re-claim, Re-purpose: The original idea of building birdhouses from scrap wood came from White Rabbit co-founder Teresa’s Dad Armando, who was a builder and would make lovely little birdhouses for his property with leftover building materials. This winter while going through cleaning and restoring many of these we decided it would be fun to make some for Teresa’s woodland project.

Hidden treasure in a big pile of old boards: This last winter a large fence needed to be replaced at Teresa’s family home. As is the case with most projects of this sort there was a great deal of material to haul off. When we went to load it, we noticed that the 20-year-old plus fence boards were cut from one-inch-thick cedar and the middle of the boards were in weathered but solid condition. After cutting off the rotted ends we were left with a massive pile of material and the idea of repurposing it was “hatched”.

Birds once lived here, and now they can again:  As I cut and cleaned the lumber, I noticed that much of it was straight grained and of a quality that can only be found at a premium price. I thought of the trees from which it was made and how many birds may have nested and found shelter from storms in them, and I thought of our forests and woodlands and how vital they are to the health of the world and all its residents. It makes me feel good that these boards still have a purpose, and that new trees did not have to be cut down while the old ones rotted away in the landfill. The Madrona perches were sourced from broken branches from last winter’s snowstorms, so no additional trees were harmed to construct these birdhouses.  
- Craig Kimball, co-founder, White Rabbit Cannabis

Thank you again for helping us support this worthy cause and thank you Craig for your donation.

White RabbitCannabis and The Edmonds Food Bank.

For our 420 Sale and Earth Day Celebration, White Rabbit Cannabis, the cannabis dispensary located in Lynnwood, Washington, gives back to the community! During the 420 event, we also encourage donations promoting support of the Edmonds Food Bank, a non-profit organization that provides food to families in need, by organizing a charity event on April 20th.

handmade birdhouse from recycled cedar

About The Edmonds Food Bank

The Edmonds Food Bank is a vital resource for many families in the Edmonds community. The organization provides food to families who struggle to make ends meet, including low-income families, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. The food bank operates entirely on donations from local businesses and individuals, and its services are entirely free of charge. White Rabbit currently provides bins to drop off non-perishable food donations. You can even get a 5% discount on your order when you bring in a donation for the Food Bank! (Note: discounts cannot be stacked on existing sale items)

White Rabbit Cannabis Supports The Community During 420 Sale Event

White Rabbit Cannabis has a long history of supporting local charities and organizations in the Lynnwood community. The dispensary regularly donates a portion of its profits to various local charities, including animal shelters, food banks, and community centers. The company believes that giving back to the community is essential to building a strong and healthy community and is committed to making a positive impact in any way possible.

420 Sale And Earth Day Charity Event

The April 20th and Earth Day charity event is an excellent opportunity for the Edmonds community to come together to support the food bank . The handmade cedar birdhouses are a unique and beautiful addition to any garden, and the fact that they are made from reclaimed wood makes them an environmentally conscious choice. Your donations to the Edmonds Food Bank will benefit the food bank entirely.

More In Store For Our 4-20 Super Sale

Overall, the partnership between White Rabbit Cannabis and the Edmonds Food Bank is an excellent example of how local businesses can make a positive impact on their communities. The April 20th charity event is a great opportunity for the Edmonds community to come together to support a worthy cause while also enjoying the unique offerings of a local business!

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