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Wildside Infused Beverages

Wildside Infused Beverages on sale Tuesday 10/15 for 15% off all day. Summer may be over, but Wildside infused beverages still do the trick!

15% Off Wildside Infused Beverages!

In addition to the Wildside infused beverages special on Tuesday, we have more specials to look forward to this week. Each day we celebrate a different product with 15% off. Check the White Rabbit Cannabis site frequently for updates. Products on sale might change due to availability.

  • 10/15 – Wildside Beverages come in a variety of flavors and different ratios of THC and CBD
  • 10/16 – Honey sticks from Northwest Wonderland on sale
  • 10/17 – Orgrow infused prerolls on sale, ethanol extracted hashoil joints from Orgrow combine flavor and potency.
  • 10/18 – Green Force Pharm big bags on sale. Everything that is 1/4 oz or higher gets marked down.
  • 10/19 – Spady Bud is our featured farm. Everything from Spady Bud goes on sale all day long
  • 10/20 – Rogue Raven concentrates on sale. The Caterpillar always picks a great concentrate to feature!

wildside infused beverage

Strain of the Week

This week features Happy Hiker Haze from Hazy Daze Growers. A pure sativa known for a great heady euphoric feeling, props to Hazy Daze!

Get ready for Halloween

On the 31st of October, be sure to visit in your costume and get 5% off your order!

More about Wildside

Green Revolution’s Wild Side beverages offer great tasting Cannabis-Infused drinks. Their refreshing beverages are the only cannabis-infused drink with a full cannabinoid and terpene profile. Also, they have a 10:1 ratio for their cbd drinks, and no cannabis taste.

Green Revolution has state of the art production facilities. They take great pride in the safety and integrity of their products. :Best of all, the Wildside drinks taste great too!

Use wisely and please respect dosages that work for your tolerance levels!

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