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Cannabis Terpenes Make Or Bake It

Cannabis Terpenes are the flavor compounds that also have synergistic effects with THC, CBD, CBN, Delta 8 and THC-A compounds.

Cannabis Terpenes Make The Difference

Not just a buzzword anymore, terpenes literally make or break the buzz. Especially these days, marijuana strains cross hybrids with hybrids to create hybrids. The notion that “indicas equal couchlock while sativas cause users to jump on then fly off the couch” no longer holds true. Many an indica dominant hybrid brings the euphoric, flying mind, racing thoughts. By the same token, some sativas can roll you down a hill to the land of naps. There, you feel like you fell into a pile of marshmallows.

How the flavor of weed favors the feeling

THC is THC, whether it is in sativa or indica, so THC content can be a misleading indicator for quality. Truthfully, that super high level strain boasting THC levels of 40% might render a feeling easily eclipsed by that humble strain testing at only 18% THC. If something sounds too fucking incredible to be true, then maybe think twice about what really matters. Indeed, terpenes matter more.

Terpenes, what’s the buzz?

The more people understand about the terps then the greater their appreciation for various strains evolves. The complex chemistry of all the cannibinoids regulate the way the psychoactive compounds interact with the brain. They help carry those compounds in the bloodstream, through the blood/brain barrier, to finally play a role binding them to the receptors in the brain. So, that explains why a low THC strain with an awesome terpene profile can feel more profoundly fun.

Basically, the terps provide a way to achieve a pleasant buzz that easily surpasses that high THC tested strain which delivers about fifteen minutes of pleasure for three hours of headaches. Therefore, don’t get caught in the “if it has more THC it must be better” trap.

Dropping some science…

Of course, you guessed it, terps get synthesized inside the glandular trichomes.  Terpenes offer natural protection from bacteria and fungus, insects and other environmental stresses. People often use “terpenes” and “terpenoids” interchangeably but there is a difference. Terpenes are hydrocarbons and possess the elements carbon and hydrogen, but terpenoids result from getting denatured by oxidation during the drying and curing process.

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