White Rabbit Cannabis from Seattle is easy. As long as traffic is light, it is relatively close and convenient too. Some of our customers travel from over 40 miles away. so Seattle is not too far to go. Why would anyone choose White Rabbit when there are so many other stores along the way? The service, prices, and selection all combine to make it worth the drive.

Why go to a store that treats you and the favor of your business like they could care less?

To White Rabbit Cannabis, Seattle starting point:

From Seattle Washington…

Get on I-5 N from 4th Ave (or any convenient I-5 onramp in downtown Seattle)
3 min (0.6 mi)

Continue on I-5 N to Picnic Point-North Lynnwood
20 min (19.8 mi)

Drive to Hwy 99 S,

Go south (right onto Hwy 99)
3 min (1.6 mi)
White Rabbit Cannabis Weed Dispensary
15928 Hwy 99, Lynnwood, WA 98087

Why Shop White Rabbit Cannabis From Seattle?

There are so many weed stores between Seattle and Lynnwood. So why drive from Seattle to Lynnwood to buy some marijuana? In the case of White Rabbit, there are a few great reasons. First, White Rabbit Cannabis concentrates on finding small farm boutique grower producers who specialize in organic, sustainably farmed cannabis. Growers still trimming by hand, rather than tossing the plant in a machine which knocks off all the trichromes. Growers who are passionate about the plant, the community, and the relationships, not just the cash.

Peace, Love, And Great Cannabis

Because the energy put into the effort makes a difference, it is important to find those cultivators who respect and cherish the medicinal qualities of the plant. Sure, the recreational side of pot feels great, but we know the medicinal aspects must always be revered and cherished. Simply put, that means respecting and loving the plant and all the work going into producing great quality buds.

Exclusive Deals With Trusted Partners

Getting to White Rabbit Cannabis from Seattle means finding products you won’t find everywhere else. LeafWerx chose White Rabbit as one of a handful of stores in the entire state of Washington to carries its special Full Spec line of products.

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