Welcome to the new White Rabbit Cannabis Online Store!

The new White Rabbit Cannabis online shopping experience is here! We know things look different, and if you were familiar with our previous online shopping cart, then we anticipate a learning curve while you get used to this version. In order to assist you in the process, we have created a tutorial guideline to help get you up to speed.

Click the button to enter the new shopping experience!

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As always, we are open to comments and constructive criticism. So, if you do have any questions or concerns, then please let us know by emailing us at info@whiterabbitcannabis.com

Handy Tips For Using The New Store

  • When you enter your phone number, required to complete the order, do not use any “-” between the numbers
  • Some notifications are not yet functioning, but we are getting your orders at the store. If you have any questions about your order being received, then please call the store 425-745-4242
  • Some bugs are still left to fix, but we will contact you if there is an issue with the order. Thanks again for your patience while we get it all straightened out!