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Influential Women of Cannabis Article Features White Rabbit’s Teresa Chilelli-White

Owner Teresa is in the news!

White Rabbit’s Teresa┬áCannabis Industry Pioneer!

Teresa Chilelli-White deserves recognition. Her guidance serves as an inspiration to White Rabbit Cannabis and she upholds standards that raise the bar for the entire marijuana industry. Therefore, we loved seeing her included as a mover and shaker in a article on Monroe Blvd

Congrats! Read the article, but let’s boil it down to our favorite part…

The article recognizes female pioneers in the burgeoning cannabis industry, and shows women in the canna biz shaping the future for legal recreational and medical marijuana. Teresa comes from a construction background, so she is no stranger to creating a solid foundation then building on it. When is comes to White Rabbit, the foundation stands on solid core values. The focus remains on great quality organic weed, because caring about the user starts with caring about the environment. The way growers treat their plants should carry forward, with love, respect, and nurtured to bloom. Then, customers want great prices on the best weed. Finally, the bud tenders must provide outstanding service and product knowledge. Insights into the process, pride of the product, those do not “sell“, they share.

Sharing is Caring

What is the main reason customers like White Rabbit Cannabis? Well, many shops carry fine bud, but not many of them carry such a huge selection of fine organic weed. Even fewer of them offer organic pot at such low prices, even on the Green Mile. Finally, finding a great staff that doesn’t try to jive customers into a sale, or espouse utter nonsense regarding the products makes a huge difference. Teresa cares about the customers as if they are longtime friends.


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